The “Noticeme” Attorney General and the Naira Jargons

Adeola Aderounmu.

Michael Aondoakaa is an interesting person in the illegitimate government in Nigeria. As the Attorney General, he is really showing himself.

First, it was a tango with the EFCC trying to strip the body of its power to prosecute thieves. I understand that Michael Aondoakaa was representing some thieves before he benefitted from this crazy administration, so I am not surprised that he tried to destabilise the EFCC. Obviously, he is acting on behalf of his former paymasters.

Now, he has turned his attention to Soludo, the central bank governor. Soludo rightly or wrongly has annouced measures that he thought would improve the Nigerian economy. I don’t know how that would have played out but I am amazed that this same Michael Aondoakaa has come out strongly to nullify the propositions of Soludo.

He did that in his capacity as the Attorney General.

The discussions that will follow in and out of Nigeria will surely be intensed.

Will Soludo resign?

Will Mr. Michael Aondoakaa tell us about all these legalities in an illegal government?

Can he tell Yar Adua, his master that the election that brought him in was an illegal one? How many court orders will he be obeying or flaunting in the days ahead? 

What are his duties as the AG other than poking his nose into other independent arms of government and cutting their wings?

As the AG of Nigeria, how does he intend to reform our laws and justice system?

And so on and so forth….the jaga jaga continues…we don’t even know who is in charge!