Patricia Etteh: Another thief exposed!

Adeola Aderounmu.

Patricia Etteh is the Speaker in the Assembly of thieves!

She approved over N628 million to renovate her house and that of the Deputy Speaker.

I am not surprised at all!

This is what you get when you call allow David Mark to be the Senate President.

This woman is just following the footprints that she sees ahead of her.

What more can we say about the thieves and illegitimate people that are ruling Nigeria? This is classical madness.

Nigerian leaders are still fools and idiots.

Some people don’t even have 10 naira or 100 naira to eat snacks or decent meals at the road side canteen, and someone is spending this much to adjust a house.

How much will she use to build a new house then?

Bad road everywhere, dysfunctional schools, dirty water to drink, malaria killing children under 5 at ease and rendering adults morbid, ….etc etc..yet these politicians will use every little opportunity to steal and loot. Shameless people. Idiots!

Wonders will never cease in Nigeria, a den of robbers.

8 thoughts on “Patricia Etteh: Another thief exposed!

  1. Yes. Shame on her!

    I saw a picture in the Tribune that pictured her house and the primary school she attended side by side. The latter was dilapidated and darn near falling to the ground.

    Just when I began to have a high esteem for Nigerian politicians. Thinking unlike their male contemporaries they do have a conscience Patricia Etteh came along!


  2. What did you expect from a woman who graduated from a local hairdressing saloon in 1999 to the house of representatives and within 7 years could boast of 9 houses including an 80% completed 120 bedrooms hotel project in the heart of Abuja. We may just be making noise over nothing as there may be more serious cases of abuse especially during the few trips she has made since assuming office, and even within her office. Please check the records, how much does she pay out for the weekly replacement of flowers in her office? You will be surprised if you do.


  3. In Nigeria there is no honour among thieves. Its rather shocking that a bunch of shameless honorable members are supporting a scandalous woman all for the sake of conering juicy commitee chairmanships. Its very sad indeed


  4. I cant believe the national assembly would still let her be in the house of reps after embezzling such an amount.
    they should totally impeach her because thats like condoning fraud. they should not be tolerating those kinds of habit. this would encourage the less courageous..


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