NIGERIAN POLITICS-The persistence and the return of the thieves


Babangida sees himself as the messiah. I hope his return to our consciousness will land him where he really belongs-kirkiri maximum prison.

Good enough-even if it turns out to be a gimmick- reports of how he stole 12 billions dollars are now making rounds again.

I don’t get it: how can he steal so much and still have the guts to walk free? Something serious is wrong somewhere. Oh I forgot. This is Nigeria. You can steal, loot and even murder and walk free.

Somewhere along the line people like Babangida will continue to meet constant truth. He stole and participated in the destruction of Nigeria. He should be in prison spending time and returning all the monies he stole so that we can rebuild Nigeria.

This man and thieves like him live like the emperors of the Middle Ages. Check out their mansions and territory. It is just too impossible for a soldier to be that wealthy without having stolen. Life apart, what can’t 12 billion dollars buy?

Atiku Abubakar is back in PDP. More than 2 years ago, I wrote somewhere that the fate of this man is swinging. Greed will never have a place to settle or relax. This is part of the laws of nature.

Atiku and Obasanjo, hand in hand stole Nigeria’s monies from 1999 to 2007. Who can ever forget how they both exposed each other’s thefts and looting habits. We have Obasanjo’s third term evil ambition to thank for that.

Political prostitute-that is what Atiku is. He will never find a place to rest his ambitions because he is not clean. This is the nature of Nigeria’s politics. It breeds men and women who have no honour. They have no shame either and they don’t even think about the repercussions of their attitudes and mentalities. Cognitive ability suffers violent relegation in Nigeria’s political arena.

Again we must remind ourselves that the only reason why these men who have contributed to the destruction and ridicule in Nigeria are parading themselves is because we have not unanimously told them the truth.

Obviously what people will eat continues to rob them of the immense capabilities of their intellectualities. Money first and country last is the slogan of millions of Nigerians as well. That summarises the huge task will face. We hide from the truth because we intend to benefit from the perpetration of lies and evil.

Imagine how we will salvage the future of this country if we are all so knowledgeable and bold to tell Babangida, Obasanjo and Atiku that they are all thieves and that we are now going to prosecute them and thousands of people who have participated in the irresponsible acts of not upholding the pledge they made to motherland.

When Babangida went to Ogun State last month to attend the birthday party of another thief called Gbenga Daniel, he was welcomed by applause by the useless rented crowd in the arena and the man started to talk about federalism. What nonsense! This man participated in several coups and treasonable offences and he annulled the best election ever in Nigeria. What does he know about federalism?

They say he is intelligent, I say he is foolish. They say he has money, I say he stole money. Let him campaign to the marines for as long as the arm of the law is afraid of him. Where is the Justice system in Nigeria? Long dead?

RATHER than applause and in the absence of justice, we have been advised to throw stones. It is not a bad idea because it is too scandalous to see those who stole our wealth trying to stage comebacks to confuse us with our wealth. No greater scandal!

My lamentations are consistent and will not waiver. Let us bring all thieves and looters to judgement. Let’s try that approach for only 6 months! I’m sure that along with electoral reforms, a total war against corruption in form of prosecution of living offenders is one of the greatest tools to revitalise Nigeria.

Without that more thieves will change political parties or return to politics and their mission is simple: to deceive us with hope while they return to fill their insatiable fat pockets with our commonwealth.

Let the process of justice starts now!

6 thoughts on “NIGERIAN POLITICS-The persistence and the return of the thieves

  1. Justic is not living because money is still ruling and that is why the nigeria arm robber is still ruling. My God open our wisdom 2 known the truth im thing Comic Tragedy Nigerian.


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