The most useless senator in the world-marries 13 year old..!


This news has been making rounds in Nigeria in recent weeks. Ahmad Sani Yerima is probably the first man to introduce Sharia Law in Northern Nigeria.

Anmad Sanni got married recently to a 13 year old girl, most likely from Egypt. The nationality is not the problem.

The problem is that this useless man is a paedophile and should be punished under both the sharia law and the national law in Nigeria.

This is a crime he should NEVER get away with. Child abuse of the highest order!

This man is the former governor of Zamfara State. Those who are wondering why Nigeria is not making any progress can now fathom the nature of our problems. Among them is that we have stupid people in positions of power and authority.

I don’t know how we descended this low and I’m worried about how we can get out of all the messes.

I mean this man, how many wives does he have now? How many 13 year old has he been having sex with? How many 16 year old?

Who is Ahmad Sani Yerima? A former governor? A Nigerian senator?

A 13 year old girl should be in school getting some real education. She should be living her life, free of submission to some paedophile whom we have wrongfully tagged “senator of the federal republic of Nigeria!. What type of useless senator is that? He must be the most useless senator in human history..!

Imagine the type of retrogression that his reign must have brought to Zamfara State! How could a paedophile protect the rights of women and children? What is he doing in the Nigerian senate? Where are the police?

The Nigerian Senate cannot continue to tell us that this is a private matter, it is not. This issue bothers on the protection of the rights of children. And for such an irresponsible man to have enjoyed elevation in the Nigerian political space speaks volume about the mad men in public services.

From Egypt? Is that true? Is this about child slavery or human trafficking? What are the concerned agencies in Nigeria and Egypt doing about this international scandal?

Let us not hide under any form or religion or culture to deprive children from living or leading their lives normally. It is criminal to do that or to agree to it.

Please save this girl and let us get her back to school. Let’s get a bond or foundation that will see this girl through college in Nigeria or Egypt or wherever she comes from.

Yerima’s house should be search in order to set free all the under-aged girls he has in his camp. How many school aged girls are we talking about here?

Let’s create awareness about the paedophiles in government houses and let us raise our voices in oneness to condemn this inhuman act. We must protect our daughters, our sons and our future.

We must say No to paedophiles and paedophilic acts.

14 thoughts on “The most useless senator in the world-marries 13 year old..!

  1. Yerima or what so ever he call himself is a mad man and NIGERIAN should remaimber his actions as a gov. in ZAMFARA state even he worth not a senator in the first place.NIGERIAN is been compair with AMIRICAN all the time therefor we must act like the AMERICAN now.Under young person act any body that abuse the right of a child or children should be purnished. With my understanding, the girl is a juvenile who has no knoledge of what is marriage, sex and such alike.For these reasons the girl is been forced for that relationship and YERIMA must go to jail if the senators need to redeem the image of our NATION NIGERIA


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  9. You have been mislead or misguided. Am not in support of Yarima but you people should understand that the religion and culture of Islam and Hausa legally allow anybody to marry a girl that is physically,mentally and psychologically balance, provided she started experiencing menstruation especially in her family house. Another condition is especially if she has big status, but if the girl is 18 and her body is small wit small status islam doesn’t allow that kind of girl to be given out for marriage.
    on the contrary recently some governors are having sex with under age at Lekki side, it’s happening all the time nobody is complaining or making any attempt to say they are wrong. i know of a man that sleep with his wife daughter and the girl is complaining that the step father is not man enough, yet because she’s 14 and is not pronounce people didn’t say anything. we all know that these problems are all over but we all fail to agree. may God help us.


  10. By chance she is being forced to have sex?
    By chance she is being forced to marry?
    A 13 year-old woman’s will to be respected.
    She married or have sex with whom she wants!
    Pedophilia is the primary attraction for those who do not hit puberty (people under the age of 9).
    Child who is not reached puberty (under 9 years).
    Adolescent is who reached puberty (over 9 years).
    Adult’s who reached the reproductive capacity (over 11 years)..


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