Adeola Aderounmu

Nigeria’s acting president Mr. Goodluck Jonathan has been to the US on official assignment and state visit to President Barack Obama. I didn’t really monitor the events surrounding the meeting or the talks that ensued. I have not even seen the CNN interview which Jonathan granted. I’ve been too busy with other things lately.
Surely details will continue to emerge on the nature of the discussion and the outcome. Keen commentators will be wary of the implications for now, and in the nearest future.

Personally I don’t know how much I should about this ceremony or visit. I’m too worried about factual events and concrete details. I’m so devastated by the reputation of Nigeria and the hopelessness of more than 90m people. I continue to emphasize that the real situation on the ground in Nigeria is a huge tragedy of the 21st century.

What is Mr. Jonathan going to do about the poverty in Nigeria? There are one million and one questions about the devastation and calamities that Nigerians face daily. Which of these man-made catastrophes is he keen on battling and defeating? Power supply? Corruption? Decay of education? Lack of roads, lack of water? Which one will he face?

I read that he is seeking the help of the US and UN in Nigeria’s power supply dilemma. It is on record that there had been collaborative efforts and high profile planning in the past. But what happened? Some individuals in Nigeria stole all the monies budgeted for power supply projects. Under Obasanjo alone more than 16 billion naira grew wings! No one is held or imprisoned as a result.

This is part of the real deal-corruption will not produce any significant progress in Nigeria. what is the essence of consulting abroad when corruption looting and stealing are the orders of the day in native Nigeria?

Let no one be deceived, Mr. Obama must have discussed about the welfare of the US and the prospect of continued oil supply from the deadly delta region of Nigeria. It doesn’t matter how the oil gets to America, he will tell Jonathan to get it there anyway. That is no secret. The relationship between exploited, devastated poor countries of the world and the developed, wealthy country is that of take and take. But it is a fallacy however to say that Nigeria is a poor country.

Nigeria is probably the wealthiest country in the world but thieves and looters like Ibori, Babangida and Obasanjo to name just 3 out of thousands have stolen all of Nigeria’s money and used them for family and personal gains.

Even Jonathan’s wife has been implicated in the past as one of the thieves who stole Nigeria’s money. The act of re-introducing Ribadu will probably be a way to smash Mrs Joanthan money laundering case for good. So the point is, Nigeria is assumed to be a poor country because of the recklessness of a few citizens who stole, looted and destroyed the country beyond redemption.

Jonathan’s visit to the US is going to be invariably meaningless because of the thieves in PDP and other parties. Nigeria’s politics and public service is an icon of pure insanity. The looting continues. With unlimited corruption and the non-prosecution of thieves in high places, no amount of visit to the US or cooperation with the UN will improve power supply in Nigeria.

With the Nigerian mentality and the nature of our crude politics, progress is out of sight. Change is needed and the recycling of looters and their progeny must cease. How this is achieved is a gigantic task altogether. Where do we start from?

Charity begins at home. Change must come from within.


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