A memo to Barack Obama and the world media

By Adeola Aderounmu

The world needs a rethink about the expressions Nigeria and Nigerians

I am a yorubaman from western Nigeria.

The Yoruba people are not terrorists and we don’t kill foreigners.

The people of the other regions can also speak for themselves. They also have bloggers and media outfits around the world.

In northern Nigeria, a place I have vowed never to visit or travel to in my lifetime, many of the states are occupied by terrorists and they are the ones giving the bad terror image to the “rest”.

In my write-ups I will now start to use the following expressions from now on

Western Nigeria
Eastern Nigeria
Southern Nigeria
Middle-Belt Nigeria
Terrorist-Occupied Northern Nigeria

I am not a fan of Obama’s drones and I hate that men, women and children can be sent to their graves by unmanned machines called drones. The drones go against protection of human rights.

However, please when sending your drones, as you and your allies may be thinking, be clear on your mission and statements.

Don’t ever tell the world you are sending drones to Nigeria.

Your drones are likely heading to Terrorist-occupied Northern Nigeria.

I speak for my people, the Yorubas. We live in an area called the ODUDUWA LAND or ODUDUWA KINGDOM or ODUDUWA REPUBLIC

I do hope the world is watching and taking notes that Nigeria as a country is a complete fraud made in 1914 by the British.

Nigerians as you call them will never be one people, will never be one country. We all made mistakes in the past and now thinking it will work as one country. That will NEVER happen.

The people occupying that area are too diverse. I am a yorubaman and I don’t even understand 99% of the Yoruba languages. The languages are so diverse that you only master your own mother tongue.

If I don’t understand all of my own people-their languages, their behaviours, their mentalities and so on- what time do I have to accommodate an insane terrorist from the North?

The bulk of my friends are from Eastern and Western Nigeria and I am pleased with that.

So, please let us start to reconsider our vocabulary when talking about the people of the regions until now called Nigerians. We are not the same and I bet many people would like to dissociate themselves from the useless terror-prone and terrorist-occupied Northern Nigeria.

CNN, BBC, The rest of the world, please take note.


The Bows: Tinubu and Clinton, Buhari and Obama

PhotoNews By Adeola Aderounmu

Former Governor of Lagos State bowing to General Buhari. This image has drawn many negative comments from some group of Nigerians. The reasons are obvious. First is the issue ot tribe and the other is the nature of Nigeria’s (crazy) politics.

Here is former president Clinton also bowing to Obama. Those who think that what Tinubu did was in order have used this image to press home their points.

Clinton bows to Obama

Clinton bows to Obama

Emperor Mugabe, But They Went To Hell..!

Adeola Aderounmu

Why Mugabe chose to use the burial ceremony of his sister as another medium to attack the Western countries is best known to him.

I thought the dead deserve to rest in peace after passing through this crazy world. Couldn’t we just have allowed the dead to bury the dead?

Mugabe told the West to go to hell. Three envoys did just that. The US, EU and German envoys stood up and went to hell at the directive of Mugabe.

I’m in shock as to why Mugabe wants an apology.

If Mugabe was sitting at a ceremony say in Portugal, Sweden or even in the US and someone (Like US Obama or Sweden’s Reinfeldt) says Africa or Zimbabwe can go to hell, I expect Mugabe to stand up and leave the ceremony. Doing nothing short of that means that he has no dignity or he’s about to shed the last straw of his human dignity.

The antecedents to Mugabe’s speech at the ceremony may not be too irrelevant in this case.

I mean Mugabe has stayed too long as president thereby denying Zimbabweans fresh and innovative ideas of how the country can make progress AND the West have reneged on several multilateral issues thereby compounding the socio-economic situations in Zimbabwe.

These are facts-both Mugabe and the West through their actions and attitudes have made life miserable for millions of Zimbabweans.

I just thought it was funny and senseless that Mugabe will demand an apology from people whom he told to go to hell and they did just that.

Anyway, I hope he never gets one. It was a burial ceremony and it should have been all about that.

My only wish is that someday, somehow, things will happen that will resuscitate the hope of the Zimbabwe nation. Zimbabwe, just like Nigeria, used to be the pride of Africa.

The opposition in Zimbabwe, in my opinion, is an object of ridicule. Morgan Tsvangirai is a huge joke.

One day the truth will set Africa free. At that time Africa will rise and shine and the “West” can remain permanently in “hell” for their complicities in the plights of poor and helpless Africans and we won’t need any apology.


Adeola Aderounmu

Nigeria’s acting president Mr. Goodluck Jonathan has been to the US on official assignment and state visit to President Barack Obama. I didn’t really monitor the events surrounding the meeting or the talks that ensued. I have not even seen the CNN interview which Jonathan granted. I’ve been too busy with other things lately.
Surely details will continue to emerge on the nature of the discussion and the outcome. Keen commentators will be wary of the implications for now, and in the nearest future.

Personally I don’t know how much I should about this ceremony or visit. I’m too worried about factual events and concrete details. I’m so devastated by the reputation of Nigeria and the hopelessness of more than 90m people. I continue to emphasize that the real situation on the ground in Nigeria is a huge tragedy of the 21st century.

What is Mr. Jonathan going to do about the poverty in Nigeria? There are one million and one questions about the devastation and calamities that Nigerians face daily. Which of these man-made catastrophes is he keen on battling and defeating? Power supply? Corruption? Decay of education? Lack of roads, lack of water? Which one will he face?

I read that he is seeking the help of the US and UN in Nigeria’s power supply dilemma. It is on record that there had been collaborative efforts and high profile planning in the past. But what happened? Some individuals in Nigeria stole all the monies budgeted for power supply projects. Under Obasanjo alone more than 16 billion naira grew wings! No one is held or imprisoned as a result.

This is part of the real deal-corruption will not produce any significant progress in Nigeria. what is the essence of consulting abroad when corruption looting and stealing are the orders of the day in native Nigeria?

Let no one be deceived, Mr. Obama must have discussed about the welfare of the US and the prospect of continued oil supply from the deadly delta region of Nigeria. It doesn’t matter how the oil gets to America, he will tell Jonathan to get it there anyway. That is no secret. The relationship between exploited, devastated poor countries of the world and the developed, wealthy country is that of take and take. But it is a fallacy however to say that Nigeria is a poor country.

Nigeria is probably the wealthiest country in the world but thieves and looters like Ibori, Babangida and Obasanjo to name just 3 out of thousands have stolen all of Nigeria’s money and used them for family and personal gains.

Even Jonathan’s wife has been implicated in the past as one of the thieves who stole Nigeria’s money. The act of re-introducing Ribadu will probably be a way to smash Mrs Joanthan money laundering case for good. So the point is, Nigeria is assumed to be a poor country because of the recklessness of a few citizens who stole, looted and destroyed the country beyond redemption.

Jonathan’s visit to the US is going to be invariably meaningless because of the thieves in PDP and other parties. Nigeria’s politics and public service is an icon of pure insanity. The looting continues. With unlimited corruption and the non-prosecution of thieves in high places, no amount of visit to the US or cooperation with the UN will improve power supply in Nigeria.

With the Nigerian mentality and the nature of our crude politics, progress is out of sight. Change is needed and the recycling of looters and their progeny must cease. How this is achieved is a gigantic task altogether. Where do we start from?

Charity begins at home. Change must come from within.

The Most Corrupt People I know

By Adeola Aderounmu.

Mrs. Waziri said she is prepared to sacrifice her life in the pursuit of her job as the boss of the EFCC. I have heard or listened to many useless comments before and this is one of the most useless remarks you can hear from a Nigerian official. What about all the corrupt charges hanging on her neck plus all the sacred cows she has preserved for Umaru’s next campaign?

I have tried to raise my head high at all times-and I am still doing that. I wear clothes with N.I.G.E.R.I.A on the back and coats of arm on the front. I have a Nigerian flag standing on my parlour shelf and a big Nigerian flag is hanging conspicuously on my window in a white-dominated environment. Despite being torn apart between the choices of nationalities I continue to remind myself that I am Nigerian. I don’t know how much longer I can bear the huge cross. It comes with a lot of humiliation-accepting the responsibilities and bearing the shame for what some ignoble people have done and what others are still doing. Thank heaven for the game of football else there will be almost nothing positive about the green-white-green.

Everyday I rehearse at least 1 article in my mind yet I have written less than 7 in the last 6 months. This is because I long for real participation in the struggle that will emancipate Nigerians from the madness that has pervaded the country for 49 years. I thought about my (radical) activities and the plans I had just few weeks before I left Nigeria and I wondered if I would not have been forgotten in the prison by now. Maybe not…

Sometimes I ask myself: Is it just me? Maybe I am crazy. But the answers are quick to come. Human nature is besieged with greed, envy and insatiation. If you add this to the complete lack of cognitive ability in the crude men and women who control violent-takeover of power with ill-gotten wealth in the peculiar Nigerian political landscape, you will end up with probably the most unreliable collection of political aspirators in the universe. This is equals to extremely wicked and selfish people.

I have written on a number of occasions in this square that Nigeria is the most corrupt country in the world. I stand by my observation. In those articles, I have also argued and explained why. The amazing thing is that the situation remains the same. I know about the corruption in South America and South East Asia and elsewhere. The most corrupt people that I know are in Nigeria. I have compared the level of developments in Mexico and Thailand to that of Nigeria and I know that a European tourist will rather go to Mexico with Swine flu than to Nigeria. No amount of Tsunami or molestation of foreigners can derail the tourism industry in Thailand. It will bounce back-branding or no branding.

It is not that Nigeria does not plan. We do. It is not that we don’t have visions or missions. We do proclaim those. The very few sensible people among the leaders in Nigeria are very good with textbook versions of how things should be done. But the reality is that the mad act called corruption is the stumbling block to almost everything.

Nigeria as a country will not make progress. Not too soon anyway because the most corrupt people that I have ever known in my life are in charge in Nigeria. Mr Yar Adua is a symbol of corruption. He personifies corruption to the highest power. It is ridiculously shameful. It is one of the major weight hanging on my green-white-green curtain. I am not proud of the position of that office right now. It weighs me down than my personal burdens.

The guy has openly confessed that he was rigged into power. He has also insulted the intelligence of anyone who cares to know that he cannot prosecute all the corrupt people around him because literarily they are all the same. Men and women who have no honour! Altogether, these people have no integrity and their sense of judgments is clouded by greed, selfishness and the corruption that goes with power.

How can any plan, vision or mission work out in such a counterproductive country like Nigeria? The country makes monies that are shared among crooks, godfathers, opportunists, sycophants and extremely corrupt individuals. It takes madness to store money in foreign accounts when Nigerians are starving. In Yar Adua’s Katsina, thousands of women fetched dirty water to sell from deep wells. They make less than 1 dollar a day! Generally while Nigerian masses are classified among the poorest in the world, Nigerian politicians are the highest paid in the history of man. Paradox or irony?

Schools has dilapidated, hospitals are so unsecured that even Yar Adua himself depends on voodoo and foreign hospitals. Schools have been shut, opened and shut again. School fees are above the clouds, far beyond the sky and education is no longer for all. Billions of dollars are resting in private accounts and the deaths on the dilapidated roads are blamed on witches and wizards. The electricity supply is the worst in the whole world and the seventh largest producer of crude oil is now a laughing stock in the comity of nations. A nation of 150m people depend on less than 3 000 MW of electricity. Michael Faraday must be turning in his grave. The Niger Delta is now a killing field to the delights of the clique whose groundnuts have been grounded.

President Obama is visiting Ghana because Nigeria is so unbelievably corrupt that any attempt by Obama to visit Nigeria can destroy his political career. Nigerians have been deceived again that the economy will be among the greatest 20 by year 2020. Nonsense! How can that happen? What about the persistence of the crooks and political jobbers that are siphoning the money that we will use to build the economy and infrastructure. Even when I think about FIFA and the world cup saga, I just think that FIFA is simply stupid.

It is only in Nigeria that FIFA deals with government which is against the statutory procedures of FIFA. FIFA knows very well that Nigeria lacks the infrastructure and when we do have them, we don’t maintain them. Yet FIFA is still looking in the direction of Nigeria. Will it take a 10 year old boy (born in 1999 when we hosted the world) to inform FIFA that the corruption in Nigeria will not allow us to do anything right? FIFA is not even thinking about the heat in Nigeria and that matches cannot be played at night because of lack of electricity. How does FIFA think sef?

I simply do not understand why Nigerians are allowing all this rubbish. It beats me! Is this why the intelligence question is dangling over our head? How dull are we really? I was expecting a total revolt or some kind of revolution with the nonsense that took place in Ekiti. Was what an election? E gba mi o..! That was absolute rubbish and to think that it passed is unimaginable and unthinkable. What happened to the song we sang those days: how many people police go kill o, how many people police go kill…? What has happened to the resistance that pursued and hastened IBB to Abuja? Some people deserved to be chased to the bush right now.

The most corrupt people that I know are working with the Nigerian government headed by one unserious and incapable Yar Adua and the earlier Nigerians wake up, the better for the future of their children. I seriously do think we need to do something now. The time is now. We must enforced an appropriate electoral reform and pursue early elections. Let’s see if we’ve learnt any lesson. Our future is ruined. The future of our children is stolen..!

Democracy day is not May 29. It is JUNE 12

By Adeola Aderounmu

10 years of irresponsible governance

The best election in Nigeria’s history was annulled in 1993. In 1999, a sad page was opened in the history of Nigeria. It continues till today. It is sad because Nigerians have surprisingly not been able to participate in any credible election. The votes have never been counted.

May 29 1999 saw the emergence of the evil party in Nigeria. The PDP has destroyed lives. They have destroyed dreams and they have destroyed the pillars of democracy. Obasanjo spent 8 years to run the country into pit and the present leadership of Yar Adua has not done anything tangible to lift the people out of poverty.

There are more than 140m people in Nigeria. Over 90m live from hand to mouth. Uncountable numbers of women die from preventable conditions relating to child birth and diseases. Health care is on ground zero. The Universities that used to be the best in Africa are now ranked among the worst in the world. Primary education is almost non-existent. Teachers are not well paid and their salaries are irregular. School and education have become reserved for the elites-the rich and the well-to-do in the society.

Corruption is now a way of life and ill-gotten wealth is the norm. Children and youth lack decent role models and the society is now ridden with abnormal adaptations of abominable vices. Housing has never been planned with the poor and weak in mind. There are no social security systems to cater for the multitudes of unemployed, children, orphan, the old, fragile and helpless.

After 10 years of uninterrupted (stupid version of) democracy, the gains have been with the politicians getting richer by continuous looting of the treasury. Across Nigeria, the politicians continue to get richer, acquire wealth illegally and award themselves contracts and monies in reckless manners. They’ll do anything to be rich, to loot and crazily become stinkingly rich. The people that they are supposed to serve are reduced to beggars and losers. It is sad. It has gone for 49 years in total and there is no end in sight.

So as “they” celebrate and in very expensive manner, the masses are crying with great pain and extreme difficulties. They are completely hopeless. The electricity generated in Nigeria can barely serve one local government, yet the entire federation is supposed to use this worthless quantity of electricity. What is wrong with Nigeria?

Refineries are not working because some people are getting scandalously rich daily from the misfortunes of the nation. I cannot believe that these anomalies are perpetrated by normal people. People who fail to understand the purpose of governance and the transiency of human existence. I am convinced that the leadership of Nigeria is unintelligent and lacks the cognitive abilities to comprehend the meaning of public service. This is definitely a mad act syndrome that has infected almost everyone in Nigeria public service.

This is the only way I can explain acquisition of wealth beyond the needs of a normal person. It is the only way I can comprehend billions of dollars in Swiss banks while people are dying of poverty and impoverishment in Nigeria. Sad!

So, it’s 10 years..! 10 years of waste! 10 years of near zero achievements. 10 years of waiting in vain. 10 years of continuous stealing and looting by the wicked and heartless politicians. 10 years of hopelessness! 10 years of insanity! 10 years of zero future planning..! 10 + 39 years of wastefulness and visionless leadership.

What is needed in Nigeria is a group of young men/ women who are committed to nation building. A group of people who don’t care about the madness of riches. People who are happy with one car or even a bicycle to get around. People who will not permit corruption or looting of the treasury. We need men and women with brain, mission, vision and purpose to help this great nation to take its rightful place among the comity of nations. We need people with the proper leadership qualities who can harness the wealth and potential of this country to a positive outcome.

We definitely also need to redefine our method of governance. We need to shift the power from the centre to the regions. We need to bring governance to the people and out of the people. We need a system that allows dialogue and promotes participation. This system where one robot in abuja regulates everyone else is completely senseless, negative and uncivilised to the core.

Nigerians, wake up and save this country for the future. Think about your children and begin to adopt the right approach towards governance. You know why Obama is not coming to Abuja; he cannot been seen to physically support the unelected government in Nigeria when democraticall elected government exist in Ghana, Sierra Leone and even Liberia! Obama cannot afford the risk of been seen with all the corrupt looters who are friends and actors of the regime in Nigeria. The scandal is something he cannot afford.

If we don’t put out house in order and begin to use our intelligence in a positive way, there will be more national embarrassment in the future. But eh! What does a Nigerian Politician care? Seriously, this dilemma is getting beyond human comprehension. We need help..!

June 12 is the legitimate democracy day in Nigeria

Obama’s Victory: Provoking African Politicians to Positive Actions

By Adeola Aderounmu

In Africa the things that should unite us have been used to divide us and the outcomes are hunger, poverty, impoverishment, penury and wars.

At this moment (Nov the 5th 2008) in the United States, history has been made. Barack Obama born of a Kenyan father and an American mother became the 44th President-elect of the United States of America. American democracy is not perfect. It has its short comings and pitfalls. The rigging of votes by George Bush in Florida in 2000 and the dirty campaign mastered by his father will remain as some of the most shameful highlights of American democracy.

Nevertheless the peaceful transition of power from one democratically elected president to another is a trait that is worth emphasising when it comes to American politics and democracy. As Barack Obama waits in the wings as the president-elect of the United States, it is time to take up some provocative issues with some African countries and their leaders. This moment of Obama’s glory and triumph of people power must not be wasted without reminding Africans about their backwardness. This is the best time to provoke those extremely bad leaders and looters who are spreading poverty as a way of life for millions of Africans.

Americans have voted and Obama has been declared the winner. McCain was very quick to send his congratulatory message to Obama. If Obama had lost, he would have done the same to Senator McCain-send him a congratulatory message. McCain and Obama campaigned and sometimes one spoke ill of the other but that is the nature of politics. They did not however send assassins after each other and they did not wish each other dead. The crux of the matter was the United States as a country and how best the country can make progress. In Nigeria, many politicians have been killed under mysterious circumstances and no one has been held responsible for the killings.

Recently in Zimbabwe and Kenya the instrument of governance and violence was used to send many innocent people to their graves. Mugabe killed as many people as he could in 2008 just to silent the opposition and remain in power. In some African countries, the urge to remain in power or to acquire the power is with evil intention and revenge. Will there come a time in the history of Kenya, Nigeria and Zimbabwe when elections will be held without violence?

McCain is not talking about power sharing and he has not told his supporters to go on the rampage. No one has complained about rigging of elections or the minor irregularities. The country comes first and personal interests stay in the background. Kenya and Zimbabwe are today practising a useless form of democracy called power-sharing government. The implication is that one corrupt leader coerce with another potential corrupt leader to destroy the mandate of the people. This scenario also implicates the opposition in these countries as agents of evil. A man who is seeking the good of his country will under no circumstances participate in an evil regime or a regime that is strangulating democratic principles.

They always argue for the government of National Unity in the name of peace. That is blatant lie. Who created the chaos in the first place? What these corrupt African leaders do is to sow distrust and hatred in the population and then capitalise on these misdemeanours to accomplish their own selfish ambitions which is primarily self-enrichment. In Nigeria, there has not been any peaceful election since 1959 except in 1993 and the results of that peaceful election were annulled by a military gangster called Ibrahim Babangida. The winner of that presidential election was imprisoned by another military dictator called Abacha. MKO Abiola the man presumed to have won the only peaceful and fair presidential election in Nigerian history was killed under the leadership of a dictator called Abdulsalami. Interestingly though the United States government was implicated in the assassination of MKO Abiola. This is because he died when an entourage sent from the White House was visiting him in a Nigerian Prison!

I have stated earlier that the United States is not a perfect country. Still the democratic principles in a way offer a lot of exemplary approaches that could be borrowed. In the just concluded presidential election in the US, the world didn’t even have to wait for all the results to be announced or counted. The winner of the presidential election-Barack Obama, was known even before the counting was concluded. This is impossible in Nigeria or Kenya. It will be an abomination in Zimbabwe for a winner to emerge when the final vote has not been counted. It will be a recipe for violence and disaster. As a matter of fact, votes have never been counted in Nigerian elections. Since 1959 this country that pride itself as the giant of Africa has continued to waste billions of naira on conducting elections that never matters. Nigeria is severely corrupt and unbelievably incapable of conducting a decent election 48 years after it became independent. This is very shameful indeed.

In April 2007, Mr. Obasanjo who was the outgoing president in Nigeria single-handedly installed Mr. Umar Yar Adua as Nigerian’s new illegal president. He was able to do this by conspiring with the Independent Electoral Commission (INEC) whose Chairman is a man of questionable character. Obasanjo himself employed Mr. Iwu as the chairman of the INEC. But there is nothing independent about the INEC. It was manipulated and controlled by the ruling party in Nigeria. Mr. Obasanjo it must be noted had ruled for 8 years (1999-2007) using the power of force rather than votes. The votes were rigged and manipulated twice to allow him win the elections. The story of Nigerian Politics continues to be a very bad example to other countries in Africa. It is both devastating and disheartening.

I was particularly taken aback by the massive support that Obama received from Nigerian politicians and law makers. But have these lazy and corrupt Nigerian politicians sat down to ask themselves this question: Are we (Nigerian Politicians and leaders) stupid? They should ask themselves more questions:

• Why can’t we conduct peaceful elections in Nigeria?
• Why do we kill ourselves during election time in Nigeria?
• Why are issues and policies never discussed since the collapse of the second republic in Nigeria?
• Why do we rule the country by looting public treasuries and spreading poverty like wild fires?
• Do we need psychiatric tests before we are allowed to run for public offices in Nigeria?

Agreed that the incursion of the foolish military into governance in Nigeria (and other countries as well in Africa) landed a negative blow to our sense of purpose and direction as a nation: still that is not enough excuse to practise the kind of crude democracies that are seen in Nigeria, Kenya and Zimbabwe.

In some African countries like Somalia, there is complete absence of a government. In 2008 Congo, a genocide war is brewing intensely because of the fight for the nation’s wealth. In Africa the things that should unite us have been used to divide us and the outcomes are hunger, poverty, impoverishment, penury and wars.

Some people blame the western world for most of the suffering, pains and political instability in Africa and even in parts of Asia. I beg to disagree on this generalized concept. In our modern world every nation has the means and possibilities to steer the wheels of its progress independent of its colonial masters or former oppressors. What is needed is the proper diplomatic dispensation that pursues mutuality rather than supremacy or vengeance as we saw in Zimbabwe. At this stage and age of globalization, I strongly believed that each nation is shaped not only by foreign influences but also by the thoughtfulness, soundness and sanity of its leaders and politicians. The sense of belonging instilled in the citizenry also plays a key role in nation building.

The question of public service in relation to intelligence, reasoning, accountability, probity and sanity therefore becomes very important in the analyses of the woes of sub-Saharan African especially. What is wrong with sub-Saharan Africa? Why does the attention of the world have to remain fixated on poverty, diseases, corruption and the gross incompetence of the leaders, politicians and warlords of sub-Saharan Africa?

Some people also argued that it took the US and the British over 200 years to accomplish their stable democracies. This is simply lame excuse and idle talk to allow African leaders to spread their shallow intelligence in a jet-age world. What is clear is that the parameters to measure progress over the last 2 centuries have been dramatically transformed. We are now living in a technologically advanced world.

This is the age of computer advancement and no silly excuse can be offered to support retrogression and redundant Cognitivism. What took months or years to achieve 200 years ago can now be done in micro-seconds. Even when I was a little boy, I wrote letters and waited for weeks and months before getting responses. Do African leaders and their uninformed supporters have any idea how long it takes now to get a response for my electronic messages or chats? Give me a break! The global world is now a leveled playing field and one part of the world cannot continue to refer to the prehistoric timeline of countries like the US and Britain in order to ascertain when to achieve true greatness. With the kinds and nature of resources in Africa, it should be the wealthiest continent in theory and practice.

There is corruption everywhere in the world but the nature of the corruption in Nigeria and some other countries in Africa for example is unparallel. There are probably more than 90m people representing more than 50% of the population in Nigeria who are living on less than 1 dollar a day. This is the difference between corruption in Africa and other places. The effects are profound in Africa.

It amazes me when people compare corruption or its impact in my country Nigeria with other places. The institutions of governance are heavily compromised in Nigeria. What is expected is that people move in and out of institutions that are functioning and regulated. For example whether George Bush likes it or not he would vacate the White House in January 2009. Bill Clinton before him did the same without any bitterness. It has never been like that in Nigeria. It is always a case of someone forcing himself in and other people forcing him out. This is the failure of institutions and a serious questioning of our collective intelligence is always brought to the front when these anomalies come to play on the world stage.

But the anomalies are not unexpected. For instance there is absolute disorganization and disorientation in our attitudes in Nigeria. In the US election it is possible to see exactly how many people voted, their race, their gender and their ages. This is an impossible mission in Nigeria. From the scratch, the voters register lists are falsified and ghost names are on the lists. Underage voting is common practice in Nigeria. Above all, it just doesn’t matter about the irregularities because a caucus of people would eventually sit down and verbally decide who wins and who lost in Nigerian elections. In several cases, the political godfathers determine the case of the contestants and the amount of money that can be spent during the bargaining plays a key role. We have seen in Nigeria where someone who is not a contestant or a candidate won an election!!!

Nigeria is presently seeking political reforms while Kenya and Zimbabwe are making do with unified corrupt governments. It is time to have intelligent inputs and outputs in the governments of these countries. Their progresses or failures will continue to inspire the rest of Africa. But there is an urgent need for re-awakening in Africa. From Congo, to Uganda, to Nigeria, to South Africa, to Kenya, to Zimbabwe, to Angola, to Rwanda, to Somali, to Eritrea, to Ethiopia, to Togo, to Ivory Coast, to Senegal, to Gambia, to Niger and to the rest of Africa. It is time to wake up. The victory of Barack Obama should henceforth be used as a new yardstick for the election processes for Africa.

No one should see this as an impossible mission unless we want to tell ourselves and the rest of the world that Africans are not intelligent. Do we want to tell the world that we are incapable of running smooth democracies? How much time does Africans need to be able to ascertain their independent which they fought for? Some diligent leaders fought and earned independence for Africa. Haven’t we allowed their labours to be in vain?

Africa cannot copy the exact form of democracy that we see in America but what is wrong with conducting peaceful elections? What is wrong with transferring power peacefully from one democratically elected president to another? What is wrong in building institutions that will stand for all time while allowing people and leaders to pass through them? What is wrong with trying for once to end the reign and spread of tyranny in Africa? What is wrong if African countries like Nigeria start to use the power of governance to create and spread wealth among the people? What is wrong with ending the wars and poverty across Africa?

Hopefully the presence of Obama in the White House and on the world stage will inspire Africa positively. Time will tell.