Emperor Mugabe, But They Went To Hell..!

Adeola Aderounmu

Why Mugabe chose to use the burial ceremony of his sister as another medium to attack the Western countries is best known to him.

I thought the dead deserve to rest in peace after passing through this crazy world. Couldn’t we just have allowed the dead to bury the dead?

Mugabe told the West to go to hell. Three envoys did just that. The US, EU and German envoys stood up and went to hell at the directive of Mugabe.

I’m in shock as to why Mugabe wants an apology.

If Mugabe was sitting at a ceremony say in Portugal, Sweden or even in the US and someone (Like US Obama or Sweden’s Reinfeldt) says Africa or Zimbabwe can go to hell, I expect Mugabe to stand up and leave the ceremony. Doing nothing short of that means that he has no dignity or he’s about to shed the last straw of his human dignity.

The antecedents to Mugabe’s speech at the ceremony may not be too irrelevant in this case.

I mean Mugabe has stayed too long as president thereby denying Zimbabweans fresh and innovative ideas of how the country can make progress AND the West have reneged on several multilateral issues thereby compounding the socio-economic situations in Zimbabwe.

These are facts-both Mugabe and the West through their actions and attitudes have made life miserable for millions of Zimbabweans.

I just thought it was funny and senseless that Mugabe will demand an apology from people whom he told to go to hell and they did just that.

Anyway, I hope he never gets one. It was a burial ceremony and it should have been all about that.

My only wish is that someday, somehow, things will happen that will resuscitate the hope of the Zimbabwe nation. Zimbabwe, just like Nigeria, used to be the pride of Africa.

The opposition in Zimbabwe, in my opinion, is an object of ridicule. Morgan Tsvangirai is a huge joke.

One day the truth will set Africa free. At that time Africa will rise and shine and the “West” can remain permanently in “hell” for their complicities in the plights of poor and helpless Africans and we won’t need any apology.

2 thoughts on “Emperor Mugabe, But They Went To Hell..!

  1. i couldn’t agree with you more. Mugabe is a tragic paradox of leadership. But like you ve noted without the complicity of the opposition and the international community(i.e. E.U. and US), Mugabe is not man enough to hold his nation to ransom. As to the ruffled feathers of the the western diplomats, i say its all business, nothing personal


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