Nigeria, Too Serious for Facebooking.

By Adeola Aderounmu

We live our lives in such a way that the consequences are equal to burning down a museum. We hide from the past, forgetting to learn from it, pretend about the present and having no inkling of how to prepare the future for the next generation. We live for now, grabbing everything on the way, leaving behind filth and rot.

By forgetting the past too easily especially without making the necessary amedments, Nigerians render themselves too gullible. They get so carried away my trivial things. Will I succeed in convincing anyone that Nigeria’s situation is too complicated to be resolved on the pages of social networking media?

I have been on facebook for a while now. Among many other benefits facebook helps people to find you no matter how many years that they have been out of reach or touch.

I know many people who have boasted to leave facebook but who always return to the network. Once you get used or addicted to the functions on facebook it is extremely hard to depart. Facebook can become a part of your life. So facebook is good for some purposes, no doubt about that.

The other week foreign media were out writing about how popular Goodluck Jonathan is, on facebook. Indeed the public media outfit of GJ have been doing loads of work promoting his image. You can’t take that credit away from them, excellent job.

In their gullibility Nigerians have flocked to the fan page of Goodluck Jonathan. They are taking the baits that it is GJ who has been responding to all their comments. No doubt it is GJ’s page but to assume that the man has such a space of time on his hand to sit down, read and respond to every other comment or suggestion on his facebook is actually ridiculous. That’s where the publicist and media men come in.

The manner in which the social contact on GJ’s page is progressing is delaying and denying us of the emergence of the truth and progress we seek.

On GJ’s page Nigerians will be told what they want to read or hear. In real life the richest and the probably the most corrupt politicians in the world don’t give a damn what is going on any social network. The maladministration of Nigeria is independent of any transient conversation on facebook.

The goal is clear. Nigerians are being distracted and the man who inherited the 2007 charade buys himself the time to lay his grand plan. It’s politics and that’s not a crime in politics.

While Nigerians are being face-raped by some dude behind the keyboard GJ was dishing out National Honours to the some people among which are criminals who have been disgraced out of office. You won’t find a greater face-rape or insult on Nigerians. It’s easy to guess the recipients of the next National Scandal Awards. The gangsters in the House of Representatives will definitely make the award.

The necessary criteria for national awards in Nigeria are too predictable. Your ability to loot and act like an agbero are added advantages.

But really how can a sane mind suggest or award looters and thieves? The truth that is constant and which we have mentioned times without number is that our rulers and conquerors are all corrupt and birds of the same feather. Oh Gullible Nigerians..!

As if the national award insult was not enough. As Nigerians continue to mingle with GJ or the dude behind the keyboard somewhere in the universe on facebook, the amount for the celebration of 50th year of failure was increased from N10b to N17b.

I’m still thinking. Who wants to celebrate failure? Why would anyone do that? I guess the answers lie in the lack of conscience and the concept that politics is a means to scoop away Nigeria’s wealth by those who know nothing about management and national wealth creation.

But let not Jonathan or his media group get carried away by their common rising popularity on facebook. Lady Gaga has over 14m fans! If the numbers of fans is a measure of relative success and impact then you guys are no where to be found on the visible spectrum scale.

It will be hard as usual to dissuade Nigerians from this distraction. They think it’s important. In recent years it has been increasingly difficult to help Nigerians use their head above emotions.

It will be more difficult in the years ahead. Intellectual Myopism is on the rise in Nigeria. The indicators in Nigeria show that the emergence of GJ has increased the intensity of tribal politics to a level never seen before in Nigeria. Nigeria today is probably more fragile than ever before in our history. 2011 may be the final test of coercion.

Which is why attention should be shifted back to the real world. Words will never be enough, not even words that can be manufactured by any dude on facebook on behalf of GJ. Simple actions are more effective than volumes of expressions. What are we doing now to address our situations?

It’s quite positive that fresh hands have been injected into the electoral system. I read that they need some huge sums to start off. Maybe N53b can be added to the N17b so we can get a world class electoral list. Why is the N17b party to acknowledge failure so important?

At the earliest opportunity we the people must elect leaders to replace the rulers and emperors in Nigeria. I’m sure that there are people in Nigeria who are sincere and effective. A sound election appears to be our best means to rekindling the quenched hope.

In the meantime I strongly hold the view that GJ or whoever is remoting Nigerians on facebook should spend less time in deceiving Nigerians. To pretend to want to learn about our national problems through facebook is the apex of a ridiculous presidency.