Arrest Babangida Now, He is Guilty of Treasonable Felony Since 1993


Ibrahim Babangida should under no sane circumstances be contesting for any public office in Nigeria today. As a former dictator he was part of the problems that ended the lives of millions of Nigerians prematurely. Until this day that he lives as an emperor, millions of lives remain devastated by his evil contributions to Nigeria.

In 1993 he supervised the cancellation of the presidential election that was won by MKO Abiola.

Babangida should be disqualified from contesting any election in Nigeria and he should be arrested immediately and tried for treasonable felony. By annulling the 1993 elections he endangered the lives of every single Nigerian citizen. He deprived them of their fundamental human rights and committed crime against humanity. He should never escape from these criminal offences. Justice must be served, Now!

The discussions about the roles and contributions of Babangida to the development of organised corruption and gangsterism in Nigeria is beyond the scope of this blog. But all efforts must be made to STOP Babangida. He must never again be seen in the corridors of power.

He must answer for the treason. He must also answer for the corrupt charges if found guilty. Nigerians should now bombard the Attorney General of the Federation with billions of petitions. Genuine Human Rights Groups in Nigeria must show where they belong at this crucial moment.

Whatever happens with these suggestions-in this short essay-will go a long way to show if the black people as represented by Nigerians are really sensible or not. I mean can we be so stupid and foolish to allow criminals to continue to rule us or even try to rule us? The “racial intelligence” question remains at our doorposts since 1960. One more opportunity to reveal who we are.

There are different kinds of connection between people. When you decide to work for someone as his or her campaign manager for an election, it is certain that you share common ideals and have the same views about politics. It is not impossible that this type of association exist between people who even share common views about life, its essence and values.