Arrest Babangida Now, He is Guilty of Treasonable Felony Since 1993


Ibrahim Babangida should under no sane circumstances be contesting for any public office in Nigeria today. As a former dictator he was part of the problems that ended the lives of millions of Nigerians prematurely. Until this day that he lives as an emperor, millions of lives remain devastated by his evil contributions to Nigeria.

In 1993 he supervised the cancellation of the presidential election that was won by MKO Abiola.

Babangida should be disqualified from contesting any election in Nigeria and he should be arrested immediately and tried for treasonable felony. By annulling the 1993 elections he endangered the lives of every single Nigerian citizen. He deprived them of their fundamental human rights and committed crime against humanity. He should never escape from these criminal offences. Justice must be served, Now!

The discussions about the roles and contributions of Babangida to the development of organised corruption and gangsterism in Nigeria is beyond the scope of this blog. But all efforts must be made to STOP Babangida. He must never again be seen in the corridors of power.

He must answer for the treason. He must also answer for the corrupt charges if found guilty. Nigerians should now bombard the Attorney General of the Federation with billions of petitions. Genuine Human Rights Groups in Nigeria must show where they belong at this crucial moment.

Whatever happens with these suggestions-in this short essay-will go a long way to show if the black people as represented by Nigerians are really sensible or not. I mean can we be so stupid and foolish to allow criminals to continue to rule us or even try to rule us? The “racial intelligence” question remains at our doorposts since 1960. One more opportunity to reveal who we are.

There are different kinds of connection between people. When you decide to work for someone as his or her campaign manager for an election, it is certain that you share common ideals and have the same views about politics. It is not impossible that this type of association exist between people who even share common views about life, its essence and values.

10 thoughts on “Arrest Babangida Now, He is Guilty of Treasonable Felony Since 1993

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  2. Nigerians have very short memory. The cancellation of the June 12 Election is the greatest treason a man could commit Many lives were lost, Nigerians were disenfranchised, and it paved way for more corruption. That is why Nigeria is corrupted to the core, totally depraved. If they were not, Babangida would not have the audacity to show his face and ‘evil genius’ again. Reasonable people would have told him to drop dead. But not Nigerians. They are going to welcome him with open arms as he is as corrupt as they are.


  3. If he is realy guilty of treasonable felony, then he deserves arrest and trial. We have to go down on our knees and pray to God so that all powers and forces the dictator may try to use, be distroyed. If Mr Goodluck is the God-sent savior for Nigeria, let it be so in Jesus name; but if he is not, let God send one to us and protect him from being crucified by dictators like IBB.


  4. Black people in general have been truly dumb but I have to say we are beginning to wake up. It has taken forever but it us happening. If you look at the leaders of a handful of African countries you will see a trend. Most of these leaders are not fit to lead a nation by any standard. That is why Aftica is the poorest country. We allowed ourselves to be used by colonialists because not because we are generally foolish but because our outlook on life is so basic.


  5. What about Obasanjo? Who killed Bola Ige? Who erased Odi village? Obasanjo has committed more felonies compared to IBB. We should put OBJ in jail.


  6. please the way we are is too delicate to instigate allegation against those who have voluntered either in kind or in wickedness pilot the leadership of nigeria, IBB may not be the only person in this sitution rather how do we move forward from the shackles porverty hunger and displacement especially torwards the life the youths of the federation rather pointing accusing finger on our past leaders, what can we do to meet the challenges of bad leadership in nigeria look God is watching us


    Confrontation in Contemporary Oxford Dictionary defines it as Tending to deal with people in an aggresive way that is likely to cause arguements rather than discussing thing with them. Whenever such is done sometimes people may not view the consequences from the viable point, whenever a leader is pen-down by the lead to be tried of a particular act either wrong or right the major challenge is when the person decide to deduce his reaction in silence which is the principle act of the former dictator General Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida. But can we view my opinion as an encyclical letter written to my people to fight the abnormalities or redemtive mechanism. Bringing IBB out for trial may not increase the romantic nature of godfatherism in Nigeria polity especially when the current president Ebele Goodluck Jonathan is jortling to incorporate the junta and other past thieves into his affairs in a disgiuse to enable it foster the victory in 2011 presidential election. Today I may stand for justice but if what if they justice ministry is to the contrary IBB should be seen as bye gone rather than using the strength of the people to waste on an irrelevant issue, our concentration should be rest on the way forward but not on those looking for opportunity to drag us back to the dark days of the military dictatorship, let the military past leader be freely allowed to die in their past sin rather than using 2011 to revoke our peaceful co-existence, please is annoying to interrupt the democratic process now with any past military leader they should not be allowed again to win any election in Nigeria especially presidency so that the likes of former president Obasanjo will not resurface. But Ibrahim Badamosi Babandiga should be seen by me as a distraction because Nigeria knows already who is who when it comes to the rebuilding of the national fibre. The issue of military of civilian leadership should be annihilated from the affairs of Nigeria as a nation so that corruption will be stamped out, it is from this fact that respect to the rule of law will become visible and unnecessary arrogant and killings and ignoramus politicans curtailed or wipe out. It is from this that electricity will no longer become a gold mine and health care and good road network a dream of a malaria victims, while gold diggers are the chief security officers of swiss bank while their grandchildren are the chief justice of the federation, and with this set up the anti-graft agencies become a tool of plundering opponents. We should realize that whatever we sow today becomes what we shall reap thereafter, let us make haste while there is sunshine


  8. Is a pity some of us here in Nigeria are still clapping hands for the dictator after all what he did. Nobody has asked him what he did with our gulf war oil money and lots more. As for me the man owed this country a lot and wether he likes it or not he must pay back. unemployment, poverty, hunger, is the order of the day in a country of abundance.


  9. Arresting IBB and put him in jail for life will not be too much a punishment for the crime he committed against the people of Nigeria, by prolonging their sufferness by dening them of the choice of leadership.
    It is slap on the millions of Nigeria people for IBB to stage a come back to be the president of Nigeria. What did IBB think he has got that makes him the best to govern the country after his 8 years of mis-rule.
    IBB should be shamed by the people by throwing stones on him and send him back to his Mina town for the rest of his life enough is enough.


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