Am I The Last Hope Of My Generation?

Adeola Aderounmu

I now realized that blogging has become a part of my life.

I see that I can’t do without it because I can’t afford to live with the pains and frustrations inside me without giving them the avenue to escape-Blog.

There are probably over a hundred groups in Nigeria today clamouring or supporting Jonathan for the presidency.

Nollywood is torn apart by the amount of money that its members will receive for the support or campaign for Jonathan.

Nigerians in Diaspora (NIDO) has almost relocated to Nigeria for the money hunting businesses associated with boot-licking. They are chasing every opportunity to hypocritically show sympathy to the Nigerian masses while fattening their pockets.

One useless group called NIGERIA ECOWAS YOUTH or Nigerian Youths in ECOWAS has promised to open a campaign office in the 16 ECOWAS countries on behalf of Jonathan.

If they are so rich, why don’t they pump the funds into rural electrification or provision of pipe borne water?

Thousands of Nigerians are dying of cholera, even as you read this piece but these morons are more concerned about selfish gains through their hypocrisies.

I have come to realize that the battle for the survival of Nigeria is a lost battle for my generation. My father’s generation was wasted. My generation too is wasted.

We left the truth about the essence of life.

There is now a Nigerian mentality that will not change in my generation. I am very sure that when I die by natural or artificial reasons, Nigeria will remain in the hands of the people who don’t understand the nature of my arguments for the past eight years and since when I wrote “Why Politicians Steal”.

Sometimes I’m thinking like this: Am I the last hope of my generation? Is it just me or are there people like me who know the meaning of public service, accountability and probity? Am I alone in my line of thoughts and ways of thinking about public life?

Public life as I see it is a means to even become poorer so that others might be richer, more comfortable and having a sense of belonging. I have never deemed public service as a means to get rich or becoming comfortable.

You are supposed to be mentally alert and up and doing about the needs of the people, the development of your community and nation at large. The logo is, Others first!

When you serve people, you sacrifice your time, energy and possibly your life because many things and lives depend on you.

In Nigeria, the saints are dead or about to be killed. There is a mentality that those who try to do the right things must be eliminated. To this course I am willing to sacrifice my life. It took so long to write that but I have now realized that it is the reason I am alive.

I am not just. I am not righteous. But I know what public service is.
I have cursed the day I will steal public fund. I know the son of whom I am and I know that money is my slave and not the other way around.

I have been through any kind of experience that any Nigerian will narrate. I saw poverty face to face. I walked and worked my way through the ladders of life, diligently and paying attention to the people on my way up. My goal is to take them up with me and never planning to meet them on my way down. I’m not going down!

I have been told a couple of times by those who love me to “mind what I write or say”, “to mind how I tread in Nigeria”.

But now I don’t care any longer. If I die for the course that I stand for-in my heart and in my soul-so be it. If someone thinks, who is this blogger? Who does he think he is? I don’t care anymore.

I will continue to write about things the way I see them.

Therefore I will be back in a short time to bear my minds about some recent events in Nigeria.

In short those events confirm my fears (as usual) that there is something wrong with the black race. Something is wrong, something very fundamental.

Two generations are irredeemably wasted.

My suggestion is that some people must make deep rooted sacrifices now for the future generations.

I don’t want to be turning in my grave with the regret that I said nothing or I did nothing when I was alive.

Life afterall is a passage. No one leaves this world alive. The best way to pass through this passage is to live and let others live.

I hereby openly rededicate my life to the unborn generations of Nigerians.

I will continue to write on their behalf and shed my tears today so that they can laugh when they arrive.

5 thoughts on “Am I The Last Hope Of My Generation?

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  2. Am I the last hope of my generation?

    1) To answer your question, the answer is, I think not. If nothing else, Nigeria has a very large population, of which a large and growing percentage are scattered far and wide over the surface of the Earth. Many times you hear people who feel isolated, say “I thought I was the only one”. You just not have met many of them.

    2) The number o groups in Nigeria today clamouring for Goodluck Jonathan to stand for the presidency. Apparently, the number is “over 800 (yes, eight hundred) groups, associations, and movements …”

    taken from

    Click here

    3) It is only natural for politicians not to understand, because what you are saying is the glaringly obvious. Anyone can see that, so to ignore that, the only logical explanation would be that you don’t understand or don’t want to understand, just as long as you can take care of yourself. This is the type thinking that fills the minds of people that occupy positions of power in that country.

    4) What you say about something being wrong with the black race. I’ve heard a few people say this, and what I say, is that I would not hold up Nigeria’s lack of achievement as the epitome of black achievement. I said to one friend, “dont’ say that, or the implication is that blackman is well and truly “f****d” “. I’d say Nigeria is more closer to the bottom of the barrel , and I wouldn’t use Nigeria as a standard of achievement (the contrary is nearer the truth). It is my hope that other black nations can do better and perhaps lead the way. Nigeria has forfeited it’s claim to be the leader of Africa (or “giant of Africa”) due to an unquenchable appetite for self-destruction and waste couple with misplaced priorities. It is for other black nations like Ghana perhaps to take up the mantle and lead the way (since the 1950’s they have been viewed as a pace setter) so that others can follow.

    5) I was talking with a friend he is from Chile. He told me the account Salvador Allende. To keep things short, the man was dedicated and used his time to benefit the poor of Chile. He was forced from office by a military coup, in fact he died in office true to his cause and beliefs. He did not take bribes to leave office, or spirit away millions. Nigeria has never had a leader like that, one who looks beyond superficiality, and addresses the needs of the people irrespective of ethnicity, religion or background.

    You can read about him here:

    Click here

    The sub-section called “Goals”, shows you that he was serious and committed not given over to meaningless gestures (unlike our own leaders) . Today Chile is now classified as a developed country, not solely due to his efforts, but he had a significant hand in it’s development. I’m not advocating Marxism for Nigeria, simply that there has to be some meaningful and effective social programs, to uplift the lives of the masses.


  3. remember that the first automatically becomes the last, and there is no need loosing hope you will definitely make afterall the time of change is fast approaching come next year 2011


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