The Bows: Tinubu and Clinton, Buhari and Obama

PhotoNews By Adeola Aderounmu

Former Governor of Lagos State bowing to General Buhari. This image has drawn many negative comments from some group of Nigerians. The reasons are obvious. First is the issue ot tribe and the other is the nature of Nigeria’s (crazy) politics.

Here is former president Clinton also bowing to Obama. Those who think that what Tinubu did was in order have used this image to press home their points.

Clinton bows to Obama

Clinton bows to Obama

3 thoughts on “The Bows: Tinubu and Clinton, Buhari and Obama

  1. It is pride dat wil kill most blacks,Pride goes b4 a fall,humility is d nature of God,Tinubu knew Buhari in age,position and influence is more than him,Tinubu canget anytin in d North tru him,don’t u know u can get anytin tru any one u bow to?.
    As for Clinton 2,Obama is his wife employer,wil u do strong head to ur wife boss?,Clinton d wise one ride on,das y he is d best U.s politician til tmoro dat I know.


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