The killing of Chris McManus and Franco Lamolinara: Boko Haram and a Country on perpetual brink

By Adeola Aderounmu

Boko Haram the terrorist organization that has vowed to force Islamic rule in Nigeria have slain Chris McManus (a Briton) and Franco Lamolinara (an Italian).

British Special forces entered Nigeria and headed for Sokoto State in an attempt to free the hostages. The captives died in the failed rescue operation.

This sad development brings to mind a lot of details and underlines the serious fragility of Nigeria. Doubts about Nigeria being among the growing failed countries in the world has longed been removed due to the uncontrollable spate of violence and terror war in Northern Nigeria.

This is in addition to the extreme poverty among over 100m people despite the wealth and potentials of the geographical area called Nigeria.

That British Force can operate in Nigeria is definitely a sign that Nigeria is a “forgone” country. No one needs further confirmation that those who rule in Nigeria are incompetent fools. From the presidency to the local governments, Nigerians have fools in power.
More than 50 years of gross and unhindered mismanagement means that a country founded on false foundations by the British took a fast track from grace to grass.

Nigeria is one of the worst places to live on earth. Before anyone finishes reading this essay billions of dollars would have looted from the treasury and the thieves who called themselves politicians and law makers will walk free after committing such crimes against humanity.

Upon the fact that Nigeria was borne out of the maliciousness of the British is the undeniable truth that Nigerians has been in the hands of fraudsters since 1960 and one of the viable options is to release the nations within Nigeria and allow them to go, and define how they want to exist.

The American prediction that Nigeria will disintegrate by 2015 will likely come true. If it doesn’t, the situation in Nigeria today will surely be worse off. Nigerians and Nigeria are not united and therefore the country has no real development strengths.

Nigeria is kept together for the benefits of the few corrupt and arrogant politicians. It has also been kept one for the benefit of the imperialists. In this new rave of terror, it appears everyone is a loser both the keepers and the imperialists.

The wave of terror has escalated under the incompetent Jonathan administration. In the history of Nigeria, Mr. Jonathan is the most clueless pretender to the throne. He is probably the most disorientated ruler in Africa today. He leads a pack of evil people in the PDP government.

Everything in the Nigerian political circle is about money, riches, contracts, houses, foreign trips, looting, senseless discussions and unbelievable display of stupidity. Nigerian politics is one of the biggest jokes known to mankind.

The politicians have been criticized but they wax stronger and get deeper in corruption. They steal money and they are doing so now.
Oil contracts and oil deals in general are a huge joke for a country with one of the largest reserves in the world, yet an importer of fake petroleum products. The lowest point of any human intelligence is displayed in policy making in Nigeria. When you scroll through the political decisions that are made in Nigeria, you will weep.

I will never understand why Nigeria imports petroleum products. Presumably I will pin it on the madness or stupidity of a person/ group of persons that has rubbed off the intellectual capacity of the remaining 160m people. It is an incomparable tragic occurrence-as well as-an inexplicable expression of dumbness of the highest order.

In short governance in Nigeria is rubbish and it has taken its toll on all aspects of the Nigerian life, from education to health, to whatever you want to name.

The culmination is the terror war in Northern Nigeria that has the potential to spread to every part of the country. MEND in Southern Nigeria is still another terror organization that has the same potential as Boko Haram. The endless riots and forever present mutilations and killings in Jos are swept under the carpet, but they exist even as you read this.

If the British Forces must enter Nigeria to save her citizens, does it mean that Nigerian Special forces can enter Britain to save Nigerians? The answer is No! This means Nigeria does not exist. This means that it is only a matter of historical time before the nations in Nigeria find their ways.

At that time it will not be EUREKA because break up might represent the way forward but definitely not the answers to regional political questions and upheavals that will follow.

I don’t know what or who will lead the African race to her promise land. A lot of things have gone wrong and I have not so many clues on all that needs to be done to change the mentalities of the African men and women as to the significance/ relevance of good governance.

Democracy in Nigeria is an additional curse because of how it has been practiced. It has not worked. So definitely there is more to understanding how democracy can lead to fulfillments that what is portrayed in Nigeria. Nigeria of course has no democracy because of the way the elections are rigged and predetermined.

The judiciary is dead and the people are disorientated. In general in Nigeria the rule of men is above the rule of the law. That is why there are several untouchables and that is why looting is not a punishable offence even after the veil of immunity is removed.

So we have a long way to go after the prediction of 2015 has come to past.

This essay has gone random since the second paragraph. I have repeated what I have been writing about since 2007. But I really feel sorry for the families of the two dead foreigners. They had waited and hoped for almost one year. The waiting, very sadly, ended in vain.

The losses are irreparable because death is the end of all things. But these were avoidable. A lot of chain reactions were set in place and the rescue operation did not achieve its target. Lessons will be learned and history has been re-written.

It is really a very sad situation. The useless politicians from Northern Nigeria cannot be absolve of blame. They ensured, on top of the corruption across Nigeria that their citizens were not educated or enlightened. In a way they promoted the wrong form of education. Northern Nigeria is fragile and the fragility has come upon all Nigerians.

As it is now, Nigeria has at least 100 years to glory. So it really pains to see that the regions within it have not been set free to start this journey to glory. The present order of things is simply a recipe for catastrophe which is what is happening daily.

The nations within Nigeria really need to wake up and make their nations ready for their children and children’s children. Posterity will not forgive those who refused to prepare for the future.

May the souls of the departed find peace and may the family find the strength to move on.

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