The Joseph Kony Campaign

By Adeola Aderounmu

I have watched the campaign video aimed at capturing Joseph Kony before the end of 2012. It is interesting and captivating.

Since it is generally accepted that Joseph Kony is not fighting for any cause or that he has no new ambitions rather than holding firm to his “powers” then many questions should be raised regarding the sustainability of the Resistance Army.

What is the source of income for Joseph Kony and his army (including army of children)? Which countries owned the arms and ammunitions that Kony has used in the past and that he is using now?

If it is true that Kony has no ambitions then which countries or organizations are benefitting from his existence/ existence of his rebel group?

Does the Uganda government want Kony out of the way? Why is it impossible to arrest him?

[It brings to mind the question of Boko Haram in Northern Nigeria. Of course the lazy Jonathan government wants Boko Haram out of the way (or not some may argue) but what genuine efforts have been done
in Nigeria to improve the security situation?]

Kony remains a free man because that is what the “world” wants him to be. Otherwise I don’t see why he had been allowed to kidnap children for several years yet remain unspoken about. For all the murders he has committed, it should not require a campaign to hunt him.

It is hard to believe that Kony has no agenda. It is also difficult to live with the reality that Kony’s weapons are probably coming from the same governments that the campaign group depends upon for his capture.

My greater interest and worries are hinged on the unnecessary and senseless wars in Africa-how they have slowed the progress of Africa. My worries include just how easy it is for a group in Africa to become willing tools in the hands of the imperialists or just acting out some independent but likewise evil agenda. Countries like Ivory Coast and (of recent Senegal) come to mind.
I am slightly worried that the campaign did not originate from Ugandans at home or in Diaspora. Perhaps there are Ugandans who have cried about these evils and their cries have fallen on deaf ears.

In that case why the sudden Kony fever based on the fresh campaign? The world is now talking about Kony and it is this fame that is aimed at ending his reign.

For the sake of justice I would like to see a man like Joseph Kony arrested and brought to trial. It would be interesting to hear his arguments about his crimes against children and their families.

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