Bombing of the United Nations Office Building in Nigeria and the evil world

Adeola Aderounmu

The recent bombing of the UN office in Nigeria is a revelation of the incapability of Goodluck Jonathan. His government is probably the most incompetent “collection” Nigerians have seen in recent times.

There may be more blasts on the way because Mr. Jonathan doesn’t see the big threat that Boko Haram pose to the existence of Nigeria. It looks like everything is collapsing under his nose.

The present day Nigeria is a fertile ground for secession and those who let this stage pass without pursuing such agenda with vigour may never have it this easy again.

This incapable government has been overtaken by terrorist threats from the outside and the domination of press secretaries or media assistant on the inside.

We see more of Jonathan’s media men and their propaganda releases than we see Jonathan himself. We feel more of the Boko Haram threat than we feel or see what Mr. Jonathan himself is doing.

Together Nigerians committed a crime against themselves when they voted this known corrupt man and his corrupt government into office in 2011.

It is true that a government is a true reflection of the people.

Unless the people change, the government will remain the same: lazy, silly and corrupt.

I sympathise with the families and friends of those who lost their loved ones to the senseless attack in Abuja, the same way I continue to sympathise with my brothers and sisters in Libya who are caught in the web of the most scandalous war-the fight for Libya’s oil- in recent years.

Humans are just evil by nature, and therefore the problems of terror, corruption, selfishness and absurd senseless acts in political or religious situations assume multifaceted dimensions such that an everlasting vicious cycle is the unenviable result.

The world is just a sick place occupied by both sane and insane living things. Social justice will remain a mirage and local and international acts of war will remain with man-that’s just the way it is.

The liberation or enslavement of every nation will rest on the deeds of its citizens.

One thought on “Bombing of the United Nations Office Building in Nigeria and the evil world

  1. It appears you are once again, speaking the plain truth. I once regreted being a Nigerian, but I, like millions of Nigrians have no other country to call our own. So we remain under leaders that does not protect us or care about what happen to us and our children.
    We crave for change but how will it come. We long for better condition in our schools and the entire society, but how will it come by. Electricity and good roads, but will corruption allow our leaders to give attention to these all important aspect.
    Ade, sincerely I wish that majority of Nigerians hear you and arken to your constant calls for change.


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