Nigeria’s Missing USD5 Billion, Nothing New

By Aderounmu Adeola

The amount of money missing in Nigeria since 1960 is enough to save the world and I am not exaggerating.

What is crazy is that more and more money is still being stolen from Nigeria by the politicians and their accomplices. Before you finish reading this piece several billions of naira would have disappeared from Nigeria’s treasury by mere looting and crude oil theft. From Aso rock, to the central bank, to governors’s offices, to local government councils, and anywhere there is government rep, the looting is continuous and constant.

In Nigeria it is glorious to be a thief while serving as a politician. The president heads these crooks of company and that is why he is not able to sack the Aviation Minister Ms. Oduah. They are all birds of the same feather.

The striking repetition of the looting process makes Nigeria a laughing stock no doubt. The lazy, weak and corrupt government of Jonathan was quick to refute the fact that more than 100 million Nigerians are living hopelessly like destitutes.

Who do you blame? Fela called them the suffering and smiling species.

It shocked me, not, to read Mrs. Okonjo-Iweala’s familiar script in response to Rotimi Amaechi’s allegation that she more or less stole or misappropriated USD 5 billion of Nigeria’s oil money.

When confronted with the allegation that she and Obasanjo misappropriated or looted Abacha’s loot, Mrs Iweala listed several projects that were executed and budgeted for before the loot were recovered as ”what the Abacha’s loot” was spent on. This was a few years ago when Obasanjo held sway and people thought he had a righteous cabinets. These people are all crooks.

Now, she has given a similar response to Amaechi’s allegation that the missing USD 5 billion were used for 2012 projects.

I would not have written this piece because for all I care Gov Amaechi is part of Nigeria’s problems. Nigerian politicians are not clean and they can never be trusted. Until now I did not read Amaechi’s allegation, I had only concentrated on the headline and when Ngozi Okonjo Iweala replied, I also ignored it. However when I saw that Amaechi took the time to reply Iweala, I thought I’d take a look at the content.

The River State government is making an allegation very similar to the disappearance of Abacha’s loot under Mrs. Iweala and asking the same question: why are missing funds used for projects already budgeted for.

When I saw the pattern and the precision of how Mrs Iweala respond to allegations, I could not resist this update of her participation in the destruction of Nigeria.

In a way the loots will keep flowing and one day more than 150 million Nigerians will be destitutes. Then, who knows how the people or the government will respond to the question about the existence of Nigeria and what to do with the thieves an looters in power.

One day this persistent reign of evil and evil people in Nigeria will end, I am sure.

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One thought on “Nigeria’s Missing USD5 Billion, Nothing New

  1. Is it really the government or the people in general you can blame? I think it is both. Since the era of slavery Nigerians have sold one another out, the coming of western civilisation has not changed anything. The famous African American Malcom X said “NO SELL OUT!”, he never wavered. Nigerians have completely sold out. This complete lack of integrity unsurprisingly has not taken us very far, but we refuse to learn, hiding behind oil revenues, which will one day dry up. Then what will we do? What does this say about our core values as a people? It is very embarrassing, we have become bankrupt.


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