By Adeola Aderounmu

Snowden is a noun. It is obtained from two words: den and snow. Literally a den made of snow would be a freezing point below absolute zero. You don’t want to fall into a “snow-den”.

A Snowden can be a person who betrayed the trust of both his employer and his country. In the eyes of the world, that is brave and courageous. In the eyes of the betrayed parties: it is treason and the hunt for Snowden will be a life time pursuit.

A Snowden can be a person who gave up the comfort of a good life because of bad conscience: conscience according to Dan Fodio will remain an open wound that only the truth can heal. A Snowden seeks to heal the open wound by abandoning a life where other people’s secrets are torn apart and used for both good and bad purposes.

But the people or organization left behind by a Snowden will always find new recruits swearing newer oaths. Even the devil can be replaced in the kingdom of darkness. Where there is life, there is all kinds of possibilities.

A Snowden is possibly a person that (through his search for the truth or through his knowledge of good and bad) will abandon a life of freedom for a life of guarded secrecy-whereby his residence and activities are only known to one or two people.

In several ways, a Snowden can be defined or redefined.

Snowdenization is when your enemies or the friends of your enemies seeks a Snowden to expose your secrets or to confine their suspiciousness of your actions which they deemed diabolic. In Snowdenization the people you have insulted or humiliated one way or the other seek a revenge.

Snowdenization is the sharing of information that are aimed to harm or disgrace you, even when you think you are invisible or untouchable. Snowdenization is the sharing of secret files among all and sundry.

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  1. Snowdenization is opening a can of warms in vain hypocrisy. In this case, maybe it serves the parties concerned well. How did he get the job? He has no academic credentials for it! On national entities, it is dogs eat dog out there. All these powerful nations spy on one another. It hypocritical and naive for him to think thathe can do this to his country and get away with it. The good side to it is that America now knows that power is limited after all. Only God is unlimited….and they don’t want to hear that!


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