Northern Nigeria: It is Finished!

By Adeola Aderounmu

Terrorists continue to rein terror on Northern Nigeria. It is impossible to keep track of all the attacks and killings in Northern Nigeria.

A bus exploded in Kano killing mainly easterners of Igbo descent, probably about 30 of them.

There were attacks in Borno and the list goes on.

In Northern Nigeria, the lazy governors all collect security votes every month from the oil revenue of the south. What do they do with the security votes when terrorists have taken over the government?

Northern Nigeria is probably a lost region and that makes the segregation of Nigeria on course, or not.

Well, I want to be on the side of the people who have suggested that the clueless Goodluck Jonathan will be Nigeria’s last president.

I will change sides if someone can tell me how elections will be successfully conducted in Boko Harm Northern Nigeria. Perhaps Goodluck is
counting on Obama’s drones to eliminate the terror. That could work anyway and it means the drones will be there forever.

How I wish the people of western Nigeria can start to think ahead and rescue their people now and forever.

My twitter updates coming in says that there have been more suicide bombings and all sorts of terror attacks in the north…you can’t even finish writing about one before the next comes in.

Please divide this nonsense country and let me know where to place my worries for the Yoruba race.

One thought on “Northern Nigeria: It is Finished!

  1. Why do you think separation is the answer? Should Nigeria separate, what makes you think the lawlessness in the North will stop. They may even take heart that their evil and wicked ways have got them this far. They already have Sharia law in their states, but they are not satisified with it, they may even want to extend a more severe form of Sharia Law throughout Nigeria, and once that task is completed extend their darkness throughout the rest of sub-region. You can see that they will form an army to invade their neighbours and enforce their world view.

    We can all disociate ourselves from the Hausa-Fulani dominated North-West and Kanuri dominated North-East. The fact is the people of Nigeria are alot more interconnected than they would like to think.

    For instance the Yorubas and the Hausas have a long association with one another, going back hundreds of years. Millions of Hausa & Fulani people live in Yorubaland (Oduduwa Kingdom/Republic if you wish). Millions of people closely connected with the Yoruba have adopted many Hausa mannerisms eg the Nupe, who are descended from the Yoruba and whose language is strongly related to the Yoruba. We have not even started talking of the mixed marriages.

    Let us not forget the number of people involved in this terrorism affair is relatively small. So would it be correct to throw hundreds of years of relatively amicable co-existence and start with forced expulsions of innocent people because of a few terrorists?

    The problem is that the leadership are not capable of delivering a solution, an initiative must come from the grass roots and nationwide public pressure (such as when there were strikes about the fuel hike in 2012). A major groundshift will have to occur as the task is monumental.

    The government will need to win over hearts and minds, and start delivering to the masses especially of the North East, corrupt state governments should be sacked. They could start off by building and funding orphanages in the North-East, where children who have been orphaned can get shelter and Western and Islamic education. An example of this is the Future Prowess Islamic Foundation orphanage

    The policy of indiscrimately detaining people en masse and torturing and executing some of them has to stop. Counter-intelligence and a network of informers is required. The local populace will have to be brought on-board, ie community meetings involving all the relevant stake-holders is required. The courts will need to be revamped so that cases can be tackled publically and quickly. Specialist units should be ready to be deployed quickly at short-notice.

    We all know Nigeria, is not a place of privacy, there are eyes everywhere, be it the hawkers, beggars, school kids, area boys nightwatchmen (security guards), people are always around. This is the network that can be used to inform on the suspects.

    But this is massive ask, and the relatively corrupt and selfish nature of Nigerians makes this a remote prospect. Boko Haram will only be defeated if everyone embraces the problem and unite to defeat it, otherwise the trouble in the North East will spread nationwise sooner or later.


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