Brothers in Crime: Goodluck Jonathan and Diepreye Alamiyeseigha

By Adeola Aderounmu

What would make the ruler of Nigeria pardons a criminal and an ex-convict? The answer can lie in the fact that they are birds of the same feather. In Nigeria criminals are in power and the world knows it.

Jonathan, Nigeria's ruler pardons brother in crime

Jonathan, Nigeria’s ruler pardons brother in crime

Nigerians know it and they think it is fine and like I always write, they assume that we will all become looters once we are in power. This anomalous mentality will be hard to erode under the insane system of governance in Nigeria.

In my book, The Entrapment of a Nation, I wrote about the monies looted by Alams. He is a pure criminal and as the governor of Bayelsa State, he looted and stole so much that it took the British government to put him on trial. He jumped bail in the UK disguising himself as a woman. He is a thief who has no shame.

James Ibori, sentenced in the UK

James Ibori, sentenced in the UK

In Nigeria, the more you steal the less likely you’ll be probed or prosecuted. Nigerian politicians are criminals and the judiciary is a mockery of the law system.

The police is simply a disgrace to say the least.

So you have a ruler named Jonathan who woke up one morning, gradually finding himself a lonely man, and decided to pardon a criminal because he’s probably thinking of his survival strategies for the 2015 elections.

This is 2013 and two years after his selection into power, this man remains a complete embarrassment to the black race.

Alamiyeseigha became a woman to flee UK

Alamiyeseigha became a woman to flee UK

Yet he finds himself able enough to start en early survival strategy for 2015. His former partner in crime came to mind and he thought the pardon would be a joker. It could be. In Nigeria madmen are in power and they don’t care a dime about your points of view or sane opinion. For them all that counts is how much they steal and how rich they get.

These people don’t know the meaning of life. They have no idea about the values and virtues of the human existence. For them life is about acquisition of material possession and monetary and wealth. That would be fine if it is done legitimately and it would be a matter of the choice they make.

Alamiyeseigha became a woman to flee UK

Alamiyeseigha became a woman to flee UK

But when the acquisition is from public funds and from a commonwealth such that over 100m people live below poverty level and several other millions living desperately daily unsure of the next meal, then it beat common sense how Nigerians reason.

That Nigerians have not revolted and violently overthrown the government is an aberration and I am as guilty as the next person. I am not even in Nigeria, how can I influence the change that I want down there?

But perhaps there are more subtle ways to change the government and the order of things. What about vigorous campaigns to decentralize power so that as a man from western Nigeria, I can influence how things are done in my region and how we manage our resources in western Nigeria? That for me is a better option to a violent overthrown of the useless democracy in Nigeria.

More than ever before my anger is towards the removal of the Jonathan government so that he does not stay one day longer in the office he has so enjoyed to ridicule. This man has shown that he is a criminal and that is why he can pardon his partner in crime. People should not forget that while Diepreye Alamiyeseigha was looting, Jonathan was doing the same as the deputy governor and later as the governor.

Is anyone surprised why the Niger Delta remained underdeveloped? Niger Delta is probably the richest zone in African but some of the world’s poorest people live there. These brothers in crime: Goodluck Jonathan, Alamiyeseigha and James Ibori are parts of the problems.

So the end is not in sight for the deliverance of the Niger Delta. For as long as their rulers and representatives remain criminals, the people will continue to suffer. This sad scenario is true for the entire region called Nigeria.

The country sits largely on different types of minerals and resources and has an overflowing abundance of human resources to tally, but waste and recklessness are the orders of the day. Nigeria is like a global waste in itself.

When criminals, looters and those who destroyed Nigeria enjoy pardon and make merry at the expense of 150m people then all hope is lost!

One of the several reasons Nigeria will not make it!

By Adeola Aderounmu

Look at this clip and see a typical example of the people in charge of Nigeria.

The Lagos State Commandant of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corp (NSCDC) Obafaiye Shem.

I know that there are educated people in Lagos and everywhere in Western Nigeria. If we are to manage our own resources and affairs, we will not put a fool like Obafaiye Shem in charge of our civil defense corp.

Since his appointment is probably a national one, I can imagine that he was brought in by a fool like himself.

I mean, this man as I understand it does not know the meaning of a website. This man is a disgrace not only to his family or community but to the Nigerian government in general.

This is the kind of madness and stupidity people put up with in Nigeria. How can a man who heads a civil defence corp not know what a website is. He cannot even cite the website of the organization he heads off hand.


The w he gave was just 2 and there was no .com at the end.

Yet, he will keep his job! If he kept his job after this scandal, you should not be in doubt that What a useless country!


By Adeola Aderounmu

This is a true story. It happened this year 2013 in Nigeria.

Some candidates seeking admission to the University queued at a banking hall. They wanted to buy JAMB forms.

Many of them cannot write their names correctly, they used the help of the cashier to enter their names and other banking information to purchase their JAMB forms.

It is shocking that some candidates and students aspiring to study at the university level cannot write their names in Nigeria. Since the system is corrupt, these students will be admitted and someday they will become graduates. Nigeria is totally rotten and the education system is simply a mockery of intellectuality.

How did Nigerians get to this point? Is there a turnaround point ahead of Nigeria?

This country called Nigeria, made by Britain in 1914 is on a free fall. It’s the tragedy the people face and live with. It is very sad.