Criminals Ruling Nigeria, the most corrupt country in the world

By Adeola Aderounmu

The audience in the video are fools. They should have thrown stones and shoes at this criminal and start criminal prosecution as soon as he is bumdeled out of the hall.

But in Nigeria, the people have been so brain washed and brain damaged that they probably thought what he said is normal and heroic.

Criminal who rules Akwa Ibom

Criminal who rules Akwa Ibom

Nigeria in my candid opinion remains the most corrupt country in the world. That is a view I am not ready to shy or walk away from.

I read a piece recently that perfectly buttress my points over the years.

Even the ruler of Nigeria confirmed this the other week when he forgave or granted a pardon to his brother in crime. The bottom line is that they are all criminals.

The end to corruption in Nigeria is not in sight. As we write or speak illegal oil bunkering continues and the legal revenue earned by Nigeria is already been shared into private accounts directly and indirectly.

This man here boasted having rigged elections in his home state. By now he should been arrested by the police. But in Nigeria criminals who portray themselves as politicians are above the law. On top of that the Nigerian police, just like NEPA is one of the several useless public institutions in Nigeria.