Reuben Abati, Nigeria’s Greatest Sophisticated Liar!

By Adeola Aderounmu

Look at this man, his name is Reuben Abati. He is an example of the criminal and evil minds ruling Nigeria.

When people like this speak for the devil, you know that Nigeria is on a freefall to an irreversible disaster.

The mind will remain a terrible thing to waste!

2 thoughts on “Reuben Abati, Nigeria’s Greatest Sophisticated Liar!

  1. The first Rueben who was the first born of Leah and Jacob, shared his father’s bed. Because of that, he lost the position of the first born. With people like this defending heinous crimes of pardoning kleptomaniacs, Nigeria truly is in a free fall! This Rueben is certainly worse than the son of Leah. Is he from Nigeria? He looks like a foreigner. He should be castrated because his offspring cannot do Nigeria any good!


  2. Reuben can spin this with as legal a bent as possible; he fools no one. He speaks as a hungry man even as wealthy as he has become. The question becomes: Is this why he invested so much into his superior educational achievement? As left wing as he used to claim in his voluminous writings on NVS?

    Most Nigerians have posited that Intellectuals, given the opportunity, will turn Nigeria around for the better but Reuben is one of the best of which Nigeria boasts! And that begs another question: Indeed, can Intellectuals do better? Certainly, it would be ludicrous to swipe all brilliant Nigerians with good intentions with the same brush but… can they do better? Is there another way out in the absence of right reasoning leaders?


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