Garbage in, Garbage out

By Adeola Aderounmu.

Read this:

Makoju blamed all governments before 1999 for the poor power situation in the country. He attributed the infrastructural decay to lack of planning, the adoption of a fire brigade approach to the problem, evolving ideas and frequent changes without any rationale”.

    -(Makoju is the Senior Special Assistant to the selected President on Power)

Implication: THE 10,000 megawatts target of the Federal Government in power generation by this December may not be feasible after all. (Guardian, Junu 21 2007)

Meaning: Constant Power supply or electricity in Nigeria remains a mirage.

My observations/Questions: If the blame was on all the useless governments before 1999, what about the idiots who misruled from 1999 to 2007?

What we know now is that the situation is worse than it was in 1999 and that billions of naira were spent on this powerless ministry.

Can someone retrace all these wasted funds and bring them out of the pockets or bank accounts of the thieves called Politicians or Ministers?


There are clear blueprints on how to make lights shine in our homes but we continue to put block heads in public offices. People who lack the will to make Nigeria work. People whose only interest is to get rich and run away.

EFCC, please can you do your job and find out how the billions spent on power since 1999 ended up bringing out the worst situation ever in power generation in Nigeria?

May the glory of Nigeria come, soon!