Obasanjo’s school Trip: My advice

Adeola Aderounmu

We read that it took the former leader of Nigeria about 2½ hours to travel by car from his home in Ota to his school in Lagos.

There should be no complain about this in anyway. He must have been through that before he became the president in 1999. He was part of us before then or even less than us because he had been kept away by Abacha.

He spent 8 years in power. If he had done his job very well in cooperation with the governors of Lagos and Ogun states, the flood or whatever caused the prolongation of his travel would have been taken care of.

The other citizens of this glorious country go through this horrific experience everyday and it is our pleasure to welcome Obasanjo back into our world. The best advantage he has is that he can always return to his more comfortable home(s) or some hotel to get some reprieve from the stress. The majority of the rest of us still have to return home to stress especially with lack of electricity. We go from frying pan to fire!

Without wasting much time, my advice to our ex-president is that he should either travel at night to avoid the trafiic situation or use an helicopter during the day. This way, he will never be late for school or lunch in Lagos.

By the way, Goodluck in your forth coming exams!