Day: June 17, 2007

FESTAC TOWN and its 419 Reputation

By Adeola Aderounmu. I lived in Festac Town from 1977 to 2002. I attended Central Primary School, 5th Avenue and later Festac Grammar School, 41 Road. From 1978 to 1989, I had my primary and secondary education in this once beautiful village called Festac… Continue Reading “FESTAC TOWN and its 419 Reputation”

Osamuyia Aikpitanhi,MURDERED IN SPAIN

 By Sonala Olumhense. (From the Guardian on Sunday 17th June 2007) First, they beat him. See, they “had to” subdue him, so they must have employed considerable force to reduce him to a whimpering rag doll. They then bound him hands and feet. Then,… Continue Reading “Osamuyia Aikpitanhi,MURDERED IN SPAIN”

Jumbo Award For Public Officers

By Kunle Sanyaolu. (The Guardian 17th June 2007). THIS country could be 10 times better in terms of concrete development within a couple of years, if the governments of the day devote just a little bit of their time and energy to the Nigerian people. What… Continue Reading “Jumbo Award For Public Officers”

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