Nigerian Politicians are Heartless and Corrupt

Adeola Aderounmu

Way back in 2002, I have discussed extensively why politicians steal in an article that was published by the Guardian (September 9 2002).                             

The story is still the same. Nothing has changed, instead the poor have become poorer. 

In less than one month after the new illegitimate governance came into existence in Nigeria, one can begin to count the addition to the members of the new billionaire club in Nigeria. The new members are the politicians who benefitted from the criminalized “selections” (there was no election) of 2007.


Each Senator in Nigeria is getting as Furniture, Housing and Car Allowances a sum ofN53.7 million. A member of the House of Representatives gets N17. 9 million”.


As far as I am concern, this is another chapter of classic madness in Nigerian Politics. This is why our politics will always remain a do-or-die battle forever and ever until we make drastic changes by discussing what public service entails. This is systematic looting.  Stealing by tricks is a fundamental aspect of Nigerian politics. You get rich immediately you are in government and the alternative cost is that you push other people further down below the poverty line.


Groups of people who have not performed any duty and who are yet to settle down to work are already having their bank account fattened up. For the next 4 or 8 years, they will come up with one type of imbursement or the other plus their basic salary, they will live comfortable lives and they will travel round the world. They will be rich forever because they will cut from the national cake. It is not unexpected. It is a norm for Nigerian Home Grown Politics.


On the other hand, the masses will continue to suffer and grumble. Their votes do not count and their voices are forever silent in a ganged up modern slavery. I insist that there is slavery in Nigeria (Slavery without trade).


It is difficult to imagine why riches and rich people are worshipped in Nigeria. The consequences are very devastating for the common people. Sometimes I wonder if our politicians and their wicked accomplices sleep on more than one bed at night (if they sleep at all). I wonder if they use more than one towel at a time and if they eat more than 6 times a day. Do they watch 2 tvs at a go? Of course they can change their shoes and clothes but do they drive more than one car at a time or is it fanciful that all their children and wives add to the carbon monoxide in the environment?


What does a man need to live a decent life and why would he acquire so much that he would have unbelievable excess left after a natural or sudden death? Would it be wrong to spread the common good and let everyone benefit from the fruits of the land? Will it be wrong for those idiots to discuss issues for 4 weeks before they begin to fatten up their accounts?

 My heart is bleeding!