Why Goodluck Jonathan May Not Become Nigeria’s President

by Adeola Aderounmu

One thing that people should know about Nigeria is that Nigeria’s form of democracy is rubbish. The various governments that we have had over the years are non-democratic. It’s been several years of military dictatorship and civilian autocracy.

In 1999, 2003 and 2007 politicians appointed themselves into different positions using first in 1999 the military might of the military-backed PDP. There was a settlement then that brought Obasanjo to power. In 2003, he was re-appointed-only this time through his own control of the PDP and the useless electoral commission headed by one puppet and liar called Maurice Iwu.

In 2007 Obasanjo tried to make himself a life president by gunning for a third term in office but he failed in that attempt. His VP was also ambitious but both of them are stinkingly corrupt and big for nothing individuals. They ruined Nigeria and they brought government to a stand still through their personal ego fight.

Obasanjo handpicked Yar Adua and Goodluck Jonathan. Yar Adua in 2009 has shown manifestation of a disease that has plagued him since he was a governor. Any attempt for him to govern beyond this moment will aggravate his situation and possibly end his life. Summarily Yar Adua is not fit to rule over Nigeria. He has done so illegally for 2 years. Two worst years in the history of any government in Nigeria.

Jonathan is avoiding the responsibilities despite tha fact that it is clear that his master is out of town, almost permanently. Nigerians must call on Obasanjo to tell us the type of agreement that Jonathan signed when he was chosen (not elected) to be the VP. It appears that our useless politicians are keen on keeping to agreement while throwing away the constitution of the FR-of Nigeria that stipulates that the VP should take over when the president is away or dead.

This written document or okija-styled oath may be the reason why Jonathan may not become the president of Nigeria. It is possible that those cabal are asking him to resign on this basis. Jonathan is too quiet. He is however not stupid. But the fact that he is quiet and avoiding presidential obligations means that he has a skeleton in his cupboards.

Some people have speculated that his resignation will become a reality if Yar Adua dies. No one is sure what is going to happen. I am not sure as well.

But it pains me to my marrow that we may have on our hands papers, agreements or oaths that overrides our consitution. This is Nigerian politics. It is the most useless form of government on planet earth.

The people don’t count. They can go to hell for all the politicians care. How long can the people be left out of governance. For how long shall be look and do nothing about our lives, about the future of our children.


39 thoughts on “Why Goodluck Jonathan May Not Become Nigeria’s President

  1. Jonathan have the right to Rule Nigeria.the north have been in this position for long and we see no change same with the west.now its Niger delta.please for good or bad we will bear it this time . lets give him the chance .i thank god the eye of the US and human right is on Nigeria Government on this issue and if Nigeria violate this 1999 constitution of 145 then wait for the action over it

  2. my own point of view says that nigeria has a very poor political background but i think by criticising it it makes no difference,and i have one believe we nigerians are bird of the same feather the political appointment you are talking about if you get one am very sure you will gladly accept so why behave like an illeterate.
    CORRUPTION:i bet its not only the leaders that are corrupted in nigeria everyone is,the leaders are obviously corrupt but we should try and shun corruption too,so i advice you to know how to write an article because the next article is going to be about you..

  3. what i have to say is that if the north which is behind all the evil doing in this country.well if they do not agreed to the constitution of the country
    i thing war between the Niger delta and the north period.

  4. Hey! Nigerians i think its high time the mallam’s let go! Its God’s making for Mr Goodluck to be our president, OBJ PLEASE STAY OUT OF NIGERIAN PROBLEMS BECAUSE YOU MADE NIGERIA TO JAGAJAGA!!.

  5. because good luck jonatan is not yoruba and we did not want igbo to be our president. because if igbo should be our president people were going to suffer too much. but my own advice to every body is to try as much as posible to choice another president.
    But if you want jonathan as the president try as much as posible to monitor him here am going to stop thanks

  6. lt is pitty that nigeria is a lawless place and democracy is far from our politicians but this time let biafrans go or jonathan takes over fully,northerns and yoruba are scared of lgbos,listen nigerian seat of is 4 all not 4 a particular tribe,hausa and yoruba have tried,let us lgbos do it and show you guys how its been done,l reserve my comments

  7. Goodluck shd be giving the chance to be the president of nija, the Northerns has fail us 4 so many years The yorubas has also disappointed us thro Obj 4 you all to know that that seat of power is not 4 them now the chance shd be to the Igbos 4 nigerians to swallow their bad impression aganist the igbos in shame. The Igbo will so surprise all of you. that seat needs a smart and intellectual beings go getters which the Igbos are.

  8. i wish that the acting president Good luck Jonathan we declare Igbo free (befira) as the power is in his to do so. [lease our persidnet may our Good God give the best wisdom to rule the people committed to you.

  9. Iwu is a cheap fool ok but dancelow obj and fuck all the emirs and northern leaders u guys are all stupid including our ailing president let him perish up Ebele jonathan.

  10. hmmm 9ja…where are you peoples.this is enough of this foolish people of the north.look at their low mentality.they think Nigeria are fool like them?bringing into Nigeria a cops trying to deceive us that he his yar dua? please all Nigerian listen very clearly.the so call yardua is dead and send 4fit underground in Saudi,they did not bring yar dua into Nigeria they did that to deceive Jonathan and the entire Nigeria to kept Jonathan as the acting president until next election that they will elect an Hausa man in.why would nobody see yar dua even now that they said he is back? please we are not fools like them for god sake, why would they scam a whole Nigeria by a telephone voice machine,by a fraud signature on our country budget document.by bringing into Nigeria a bundle of cloth pretending and off the entire light in the air port so no one can capture it,oh Nigeria with this act shows that we are not one Nigeria.yar`dua is not in Nigeria just take the note,it`s a package liar.please Jonathan call the American us the suffering is 2 much for us to carry on.Jonathan please do not be afraid we are at your back deal with them mercilessly.teach them politic.show them how your foolish they are.you are the hope of Nigeria do not lets us down cus if they succeed they will finish us,we love you Jonathan

  11. My country nigeria is a great nation, and the most populous back nation, the old breeds of politicians have been behind the growth of of our great nation politically and economically due to bad governance, is high time every nigeria should come out to fight for his or her right.

  12. Nigeria needs a purposeful governmet which i however doubt whether Ebele can provide.notwithstanding let the enemies of nigeria restlessly scheming to thwart the constitution allow Ebele to be substantive president in the interest of posterity.



  15. The Igbos should stop making things as if Goodluck Janathan is only there president. what i want them to know is that ” what gonna be is gonna be” as for Yar’adu even if he is back he is a living capse. so Jonathan continous acting the 2011 election will tell. But know that Nigerians a watching

  16. God forbid who want a zombi as a president. jonathan is obasanjo’s right hand remote control and he will never peform well. he is just deciving u guys by acting like a saint. he is worse than ABACHA. he claims to be a christian but he has joined a lot of anti-christ societies and has built offices for them. he will use govt money to fund satanic activities that will make this country perish. the only man that has a vission for nigeria is BABANGIDA. i beg all of you to vote for IBB

  17. All i can say is that, Nigeria is more than 30yrs backwards in the modern technology world today. Technology we ‘ve not, good schools, work, jobs, farms, etc we dnt have. Where are we heading to? Yes God see all these things and does not snatch life out of them bt still give them the grace to kill and suffer those who call on him, or is it that we that call on Him, we worse off, hmmmm, it’s bad enough that no good person has sat on that seat, to me it shows that human hands tends to hold stronger than God’s hands in the things of the world. Okotie was to rule bt u ppl who voted pushed him out and put a wrong one there on seat who in turn are now putting the wrong ones in the duck. All these ppl in power can buy airports in U.S airports and factory with the gov’t money they’ve stolen. Never to come to nigeria nor their families cos of the wickedness they’ve done yes God still makes them enjoy life and the most painfull aspect is He gives them time to repent, ahhhh, it’s really painfull. They take money into their pockets viet are the funds for projects and salaries and expect the boys who carry guns and became militants to sit in hunger, even yahoo boys are not to be blamed, not even armed rubbers. To me this is far frm start or end. Sorry i said all these truth, bt another RAW TRUTH is that CORRUPTION will not REDUCE or END neither will positivity come until we want it. As for the north they believe that, if they kill ala will take them to heaven, cos they are winning souls, north hasn’t done anything for the rivers bt for themselves only that’s y abuja is pumped with heavy tones of money. Well i wish i was not frm Nigeria. No need praying for naija, cos it’s not working. If the wonders and good of God wants to work it will, nothing will stop it. Dnt vote cos na our town man, or i go get money for am, that’s y we can’t go forward. Well no matter what we say for or against God, everything is still in Gods hands. As for ibb, remember where abacha is, not even ur ala will support u.

  18. Pls for gods sake,igbos dis is our opportunity lets nt misuse it.since i was i hav nt seen an igbo man on dat seat.pls jonathan use ur senses.as for obj,stay aside cos god is nt hapy wt u.pls enough is enough.

  19. well, atlast the constitution has prevailed over the political manipulations of nigerias politicians over the presidential seat though it is still the same people that are still in power but there is a hope for a good change. now that His Excellency Dr.Goodluck Jonathan is incharge and though he has little time he should focus onelectoral reforms and the electric power supply for with these he will create a landmarm achievement in the history of Nigeria

  20. I don’t knw y sum people have limited tinkin,cos I tink all dos igbo ppl dat made dos comments are stupid,politicians whether north, south east or whatever are makin dere money and poor people are left to discriminate n fight on religious differences wats wrong wit sum ppl y don’t u grow up rich man dt fight rich man woh.wat about ppl like us dat are half nigerians n have both christian n muslim families dat got affected in jos crisis wat side are we to choose n wat tribe?I tink we need fresh n young ppl to rule dis country nt old hags dat are use to corruption n will mk fool of us cos everyday masses are getting stronger n wiser due to da continuous deception by our leaders goodluck jonathan is a gud start but ppl shldnt use tribe or religion as an excuse to want changes cos gud can cum from anywhere n ppl shldnt always blame our leaders change urself first n den God will give us good leaders.I start my duty as a nigerian to make ppl life better by helping ppl dat are in need so I tink u Shld do da same

  21. well,despite the bad sitations in nigeria,i still believe nigeria can be a better place only and only if we nigeria put hands together by doing what we are supposed to do at any point in time,contribute our own part,do what is right even if no body is watching,believe in ourselves believe in what we can do for nigeria.finally,let us not be the leaders nigeria never had but let us try to make our own impact where ever we are rather than critise other people impact.

  22. Not until they stop corruption in Nigeria,there will be no peace. President Goodluck Jonathan is well educated and humble and he has not disgrace Nigeria in a foreign land. His quiteness does not mean he is foolish.He is the only President that speaks good english follow by that stupid Obasanjo.
    I believe President Goodluck will practice democracy and fight corruption

  23. The entire problems of Nigeria can be summed up in one word: Government. Nigeria has always been ruled by people who didn’t have a clue. They appear to have known less and less what they were doing with each successive regime.

    The Universal and Final Solution to all of Nigeria’s problems is for the citizens to treat their governments as an ongoing Reality-TV Show that they don’t have to pay any attention to, as what goes on there doesn’t have to have anything whatsoever to do with them. They should of course obey all necessary laws, pay our taxes normally, drive responsibly, and so on- but at the same time totally ignore that Theatre of Clowns, and work to better our own lives.

    For instance, with all the Mechanical, Electrical, and Electronics engineers that have graduated in this country, what stopped any three of them who came from the same local government area from creating their own made-in-Nigeria electric power generation system to serve their own people alone? They could run it from mere garbage! That is 19th Century Technology that made Great Britain a global power!

    I’ll tell you what’s stopped them- LAZINESS, that’s what!

    All these politicians who stole or misappropriated funds, to use them to flee abroad for medical treatment- and die anyway- don’t get it!
    They could have used the same funds, even a fraction of those funds, to build research centres where *people who cared about the leaders of their race* would find out everything there is to know about their condition, as well as things which White people couldn’t be bothered to find out, which would have cured them. Then gone on to continue to save more of their own people.

    The people should wake up to the realization that *they don’t need the politicians- because they can build everything they need for themselves.*
    Just about almost every statement that begins with: “We need the government to- !” is a lie from the Pit of Hell, and is tantamount to writing one’s own Death Certificate!

  24. I am simply appaled by many comment made on this website. I believe that OBJ might not have done all it is needed to get nigerian out of the state that we are in, but he is so far the best leader we’ve had in nigeria in along time, and he has put us back on the track of atchiveing real democratic practices in nigeria…so with this in mind I think we should not just look at the bad and ignore the good.

  25. It is quite unfortunate that Nigerians are being treated this way in their own country. Those who think that the owners of Nigeria, who think they can do anything anytime and no one will question them are at it again. The issue of zoning in PDP, if I may ask, did it stipulate that every incumbent president must stay for 8 years? Is there any article in that constitution of theirs that indicates that after 4 years of presidency for a particular zone, such zone must go for another 4 years? The zoning says power rotation between North and South. When in 2003 when Obasanjo became a second tenor president, there was no candidate that challenged him from the North. So why are they know shouting it is for 8 years? If actually they sincerely say they are keeping to zoning, therefore, each tenor of administration is 4 years, after that a new election should be conducted and it is not mandatory that the new election must produce the previous candidate for the election, and that is what I think is happening now. The North was president in the present tenor, then let another zone take the president in the next tenor.

  26. L et change be the law of Nigeria. Stagnation is death ,Today is not Yesterday . Let everyone come April Election be wise,wiser and wisest.Vote right and cast not the Economic burden on politician,they wont be there to help.but only God will be there when we need call on him.

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