Fuel Scarcity hits Nigeria: Another season of madness

By Adeola Aderounmu

Who can understand this situation? One of the world’s largest producers of crude oil is at it again. It’s close to Christmas 2009 and Petrol is scarce again in Nigeria..!

I can’t stop making reference to the level of our mentality-cognitive and otherwise. This is absurd. 10 years into a new found civility (though clouded by tyranny) there is yet no “brain” to develop our oil resources to make them abundantly available for the citizenry.

This is because of the mafia group that runs the Nigerian oil businesses. Now they have created a new scarcity, they will make hell of money and the populace will groan and suffer. People who are already poor will now pay even more money to get fuel or to get transportation to move around. What a hell of a country! I have no doubt; this country is managed by extremely heartless and wicked people.

The government has a plan to deregulate the oil sector. Could this be the new plan to drive home the point? Do the people have to suffer more because of the planned deregulation?

And come to think about it this country has no legal president since 2007 and not even any form of governance since November 2009 because Yar Adua is lying ill in Saudi Arabia. What a country? Nigerian politicians are in need of psychological and mental examinations. Is this all about political survival? Is this all about selfishness? Is this all about some form of peculiar madness in the political arena?

There is fire on the mountain and nobody seems to be running.

Renowned lawyer and human right activist Femi Falana has asked an Abuja court to declare vacancy in the Nigerian presidency. But for the legal procedures I think that position has been vacant since May 2007 when the mandate was stolen in what has been described as the worst election in the history of mankind. But how wonderful that there is still one sane person in Nigerian political / judiciary arena! Thank you Femi Falana for your courage.

Also thank you to CACOL: the coalition led by Debo Adeniran is still trying and working hard to eliminate corruption in Nigeria. All these will not be a day’s job.

I still believe in Nigeria. We are talking about probably the most prosperous nation on earth but having some of the poorest people and the worst of infrastructure. Nigerian roads are among the worst in the world. Schools are frequently closed due to bad management and electric power supply is almost non-existent. Poverty is rife as a few greedy people have stolen our commonwealth. Our politics is complete and total
madness and our votes still useless, they are not counted.

Still, our life is in our hands. Our future is what we make of it today.

One day, things will take a turn for the better. I don’t know the sacrifices we have to make but I am sure we must get rid of the bad people and bad politics. One way or the other we must prove our sanity, cognitive abilities and courage to establish institutions that will lead us to the good life in our promised land.

Nigeria will rise again, soon..!