Merry Christmas to my Nigerian brothers and sisters

Adeola Aderounmu

I am using this opportunity to wish my Nigerian friends, brothers and sisters a wonderful celebration. I know that fuel is scarce (it has become a biennial event, and invariably a december constant) but I know that one way or the other, many of you will find the course to be thankful and joyous.

Fuel scarcity is not the only problem. There are loads of them including lack of electricity added to the burdens of poverty. I am still convinced that the celebrations will be joyous because there is an atmosphere of happiness when we meet for the yuletide, at home, in churces and other places.

When this season is over let us not forget our common problems epitomised by very corrupt government and extremely bad leadership. We must come out stronger in 2010 to rescue this failing country.

Nigeria is a blessed country, It is up to us to ensure that we spread the goodness by ensuring that we get things right in our politics, attitude and general conducts. The future of Nigeria is in our hands. Let’s try to get it right as soon as possible so that our children and children’s children can have a place to call home.

Merry Christmas Nigeria..!