Nigeria’s Constitution Suspended?

Adeola Aderounmu

Nigeria may have entered a refined regime of tyranny as it appears that the constitution has been suspended. If you ask me, this is a confirmation that Nigeria was never a democratic country in the first place.

The people have been deceived for 50 years by both dictatorial military regimes and military-backed civilian governments. In both arrangements, thieves and looters have held sway.

For more than 5 weeks the illegally installed president has been away from the country. He is on admission in a Saudi Arabian Hospital, he is critically ill. In a characteristic manner, he didn’t hand over to the VP. He had been away several times to different hospitals around the world since Nigeria despite being a rich country cannot boast of decent hospitals.

Anyway, Nigeria’s constitution says that the Chief justice must be sworn in by a legal president.Mr Yar Adua was smuggled in through a charade in 2007 and he has ruled the country since. On top of that he has been sluggish, slow and highly ineffective. He is going down in history as the worst president ever !!!

Now it appears that a new chief, justice Aloysius Katsina-Aluhave been sworn-in in Nigeria. His oath was administered by outgoing Chief Justice Idris Legbo Kutigi, who retires on 31 December. This is wrong and it is not according to the constitution.

So, I asked, have we suspended our constitution? It appears to be so since for 5 weeks running there is no ruler or president (fake or real) and 140m people just don’t care. It is amazing but also frightening.

A new year is coming and it will be 50 years of absolute nonsense and mismanagement.

I’m asking again, where do we go from here?