A Country Without a President

By Adeola Aderounmu

Nigeria by my own estimation is the most ridiculous country on planet earth. For the second week running this country is without a president whether legal or illegal.

This brings to light the types of idiots and fools who say they are Nigerian Politicians. They are thieves and self-serving people who have taken the other 140m into bondage and eternal slavery.F
If they are not fools and if they are not thieves, they should have followed constitutional approaches to enthrone the VP and continue with the business of governance.

Right now in Nigeria there is no governance, there has hardly been one since May 2007 due to the ill health and near total incapacitation of Yar Adua. The man is sick and right now no one knows if he is dead or alive in far away Saudi Arabia where everything around him is total secret and unknown.

So here we are in Nigeria waiting like idiots. Those politicians who always smuggle their ways into governance are taking us for another useless ride. They always do. Our votes don’t count and we as the people will always accept them no matter what. This is the height of slavery and human bondage.

At a time like this you expect pro-democracy groups and even proactive oppositions to seize the day and make demands for what is just and right. Not in Nigeria. The prime issue is your personal political survival. You must not be singled out trying to play Mr. Right.

The ruler is in coma and the nation must be in coma too. This is what the junta, the military cabal and the power drunk mafia in Nigeria are doing to us. We are quiet. We have no revolutioanry will or spirits. By now Millions of Nigerians should have been organised to demonstrate and demand for justice, fair play and the need to keep the nation moving forward.

For 2 years this country has moved backward and the business of governace almost terminated because of one man and the mafiac influence of the military junta. They think they are power brokers. I call them fools all the time and I blame the resilient 140m people.

Slavery in Nigeria has no comparative scale. It is so unique you’ll be wondering if it is human beings or animals living in Nigeria. I will never comprehend how such a small clique will continue to hold us in bondage-49 years on. It is unthinkable.

I don’t want to believe that it is true that 2010 budget is just 4 pages of power point presentation. Is it all about sharing money among these thieves. Nigerian lawmakers have budgetted billions of naira for travelling and furniture. Believe me, those people are CRAZY. So they buy furniture every year and where are they travelling to?

Millions of Nigerians are living on less than 1 dollar a day and all these greedy and corrupt people care about is their mouths and pockets. Really I don’t blame them. The system gives room for looting, stealing and destruction as the people continue to suffer and groan. But these people pray, suffer and do nothing.

The person who is suppose to ensure that we have good health care is lying sick in Saudi Arabia. I don’t get it. Millions of Nigerians are sick and they can’t afford the basic health care around them. Invariably public health care is almost zero in Nigeria. So the greedy politicians go abroad to treat flu, headache and diarrhoea.

Two weeks without a president, this must be the funniest country on earth-one that is forcefully ruled by idiots and fools.

3 thoughts on “A Country Without a President

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  2. You call fools and idiots for the politics who failed to elect a president for 2 weeks , I’m sorry to tell you the number one is LEBANON 4 month without a president . What a shame .


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