Ireland wants replay

Adeola Aderounmu

Ireland wants a replay with France. Thierry Henry shamefully handled the ball in the second leg of the playoff thereby setting up Gallas for a dubious goal that gave France a 2-1 aggregate advantage.

FIFA is looking into the scandal that has rocked the footballing world. Keen observers are following and will like to see the outcome. Whatever the outcome is will give a signal as to what examples we set for our children on morality and ethics. Our children will like to know if it is ok to cheat in sports or exams.

FIFA has a moral obligation to set good examples. FIFA is also under pressure before the 2010 world cup to improve or increase the amount of technological input in football.

Henry should be given a post match red card and 5 match ban. In the future Thierry Henry should not be allowed to talk about sports to children unless he shows remorse for this shameful act.

As I do hope, fairplay should be emphasized more than ever.

Sports is a noble activity and all international organisations must stop at nothing to ensure that fairplay and justice, as much as possible, are promoted through sports. It shouldn’t be about money all the time even though money and sponsorships are important. Honour and integrity must be carried along. They are virtues we need to make the world a better place.

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