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Ireland wants replay

Adeola Aderounmu Ireland wants a replay with France. Thierry Henry shamefully handled the ball in the second leg of the playoff thereby setting up Gallas for a dubious goal that gave France a 2-1 aggregate advantage. FIFA is looking into the scandal that has… Continue Reading “Ireland wants replay”

France presents another Acid Test for FIFA

by Adeola Aderounmu I just want to say FIFA will be the MOST USELESS ORGANISATION on the face of the earth if France goes to the World cup with that goal by Gallas. Ireland should protest to the highest level. Thiery Henry was playing… Continue Reading “France presents another Acid Test for FIFA”

A case for the French Embassy in Nigeria

Written by David Udo Anwana My name is David Udo Anwana, I am writing to request for a legal assistance for a case between me and the French Embassy that has been lingering in the karu magistrate court in Nasarawa state Nigeria, since 22nd… Continue Reading “A case for the French Embassy in Nigeria”

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