France presents another Acid Test for FIFA

by Adeola Aderounmu

I just want to say FIFA will be the MOST USELESS ORGANISATION on the face of the earth if France goes to the World cup with that goal by Gallas. Ireland should protest to the highest level.

Thiery Henry was playing the ball with his hand for at least 1 second, 2 maybe, and then he managed to get it across to Gallas.

If this result stands, then FIFA is just so useless!

I mean I have seen Danish referee robbed Chelsea in favour of Barcelona in 2008. This one just shown by Thiery Henry is the height of the mockery of the game of football.

If that result is not annulled, FIFA is sending another bad signal to footballers-that it is ok to cheat.

Thiery Henry should be given a post-match red card and probably a ban that would put him out of football. He’s already planning his retirement before this shameful act.

This is so sad, another bad day for football.

If nothing is done about this nonsense, I repeat that FIFA will be the most useless organisation of all ages.

6 thoughts on “France presents another Acid Test for FIFA

  1. FIFA sucks. Just ban the cheats from competing and fine them millions. They will soon change their attitude. Henry is an asshole. Lost all my respect for him. Hope you break both your legs and can’t ever play football again. SCUM


  2. i dont think he is an asshole entirely as plenty other players would do the same, until fifa , fa eufa etc take stronger action, of course, players will try get away with it, the temptation is just too great …every thing to gain and very little to loose, i really have no respect for the big suits of these organisations, they remind me of the bankers, also dishonest men, i would not be surprised if the officials were tipped off to allow france to win outright where possible, lets face it more money in their pockets, they are destroying the game, not the henrys or maradonas, as i said before if the penalty for such cheating was greater eg red card / match suspension i am sure we would see less of this but why should they do that -4 million irish versus 70 million french viwers… no contest(and that is exactly how it turned out in the end)


  3. On a more serious note. I believe FIFA have oponed a door to years of cheating.
    How can FIFA standby as The FIFA FAIR PLAY Ambassador cheats to secure a place for France in South Africa.
    The football loving world should boycott all French produce until Sarkozy leans on French Football Association to open talks for a replay on Neutral ground.
    Incidently, The French Embassy in Dublin requested a box for use of Sarkozy during the Dublin playoff leg. A wit in the stadium replied tom the Embassy asking how high would they like the box to be 😉


  4. Sepp Blatter needs to go. He has lead FIFA through so many distorted, bias and at times openly corrupt actions that the whole organisation has lost what little credibility it had. The man is completely in the pocket of companies like Adidas (world cup sponsors and sponsers of France!). We need a worldwide email campaign to get rid of him save the game from people like him. The forst to sign up would be the players and that says it all


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