Sudan must not touch Nigerian footballer Stephen Worgu

By Adeola Aderounmu

Sudan should be warned, at least by the Nigerian Foreign Ministry. Sudan and the reckless sudanese police should not touch Stephen Worgu’s ass with one lash of the cane. I have seen a terrible video once when a man was flogged as a result os sharia sentence. The man was bleeding as his bare ass was flogged severely and at the same spot.

Stephen Worgu (photo; BBC)

Stephen Worgu did not drink alcohol, he has stated this in his own defence. A policeman stopped him and after questioning he was asked to drive to the police station. The sudanese policeman who has enjoyed a free ride in Worgu’s car alleged that he was drunk.

That policeman must be very useless and senseless. How can you allow a “drunk” person to give you a ride to your station? If he was drunk, shouldn’t the policeman have asked him to park the car instead? Stephen Worgu was never given an alcohol test, so how can the sundanes judiciary believe such a lie.

If there is anything the sudanese should be taking seriously by now it is the war crime offences that the sudanese president Omar al Bashir has committed. Sudan should also concern itself with solving the Darfur crises instead of “beating up” an innocent Nigerian footballer. This is very irritating and annoying.

The Nigerian embassy in Sudan must see to it that Stephen Worgu is not given any lash. The embassy must protect the rights of S. Worgu. The Nigerian embassy must protest vehemently to the Sudanese government about this false allegation. Stephen must be given compensation for this undue harrassment and embarassment.

The Nigerian Foreign Ministry must also warn Sudan that no form of injustice against a Nigerian on the Sudanese soil will be taken lightly. Sudan must remember that there are Sudanese living in Nigeria too and we are no fools.

To all who are concerned speak out now and don’t allow this mad act to be carried out. 40 lashes on Worgu’s ass will end his football career. I can bet on that. The guy could even be paralysed from those evil lashes.