Sudan must not touch Nigerian footballer Stephen Worgu

By Adeola Aderounmu

Sudan should be warned, at least by the Nigerian Foreign Ministry. Sudan and the reckless sudanese police should not touch Stephen Worgu’s ass with one lash of the cane. I have seen a terrible video once when a man was flogged as a result os sharia sentence. The man was bleeding as his bare ass was flogged severely and at the same spot.

Stephen Worgu (photo; BBC)

Stephen Worgu did not drink alcohol, he has stated this in his own defence. A policeman stopped him and after questioning he was asked to drive to the police station. The sudanese policeman who has enjoyed a free ride in Worgu’s car alleged that he was drunk.

That policeman must be very useless and senseless. How can you allow a “drunk” person to give you a ride to your station? If he was drunk, shouldn’t the policeman have asked him to park the car instead? Stephen Worgu was never given an alcohol test, so how can the sundanes judiciary believe such a lie.

If there is anything the sudanese should be taking seriously by now it is the war crime offences that the sudanese president Omar al Bashir has committed. Sudan should also concern itself with solving the Darfur crises instead of “beating up” an innocent Nigerian footballer. This is very irritating and annoying.

The Nigerian embassy in Sudan must see to it that Stephen Worgu is not given any lash. The embassy must protect the rights of S. Worgu. The Nigerian embassy must protest vehemently to the Sudanese government about this false allegation. Stephen must be given compensation for this undue harrassment and embarassment.

The Nigerian Foreign Ministry must also warn Sudan that no form of injustice against a Nigerian on the Sudanese soil will be taken lightly. Sudan must remember that there are Sudanese living in Nigeria too and we are no fools.

To all who are concerned speak out now and don’t allow this mad act to be carried out. 40 lashes on Worgu’s ass will end his football career. I can bet on that. The guy could even be paralysed from those evil lashes.


18 thoughts on “Sudan must not touch Nigerian footballer Stephen Worgu

  1. hell when you are in the others country you must respect the law , and he deserve to punish , if the sudanese in nigeria break the law do the same idiot

  2. It seems very barbaric to punish a talented young footballer like Stephen Worgu in a way that might scar him for life and probably put him out of action for weeks. O. K. People say he should obey the law of the land and expect punishment if he breaks it. But it seems he was convicted on VERY weak evidence so the guy should be given the benefit of the doubt. He should reopen talks with Ahly in Egypt. They treat their players like film stars and they certainly don’t give them the cane or the whip.

  3. If the guy’s guilty whup him good. If he’s innocent innocent, leave him alone. Sounds simple? There’s no good evidence against the guy. No blood tests or anything reliable. All there is is the word of a policeman who, after he decided the guy had been drinking, was still happy to travel in the sports star’s car. Sounds fishy to me.

  4. Caning definitely works. Delinquency remains low in Singapore and all other states where the cane is used. If Stephen Worgu broke the law, he should get his arse whipped. All the fuss is because he’s a young Nigerian footballer. So What? Michael Fay was an American teenager, about the same age as Stephen, and he got the cane for vandalism a few years ago. It had a quietening effect on a lot of delinquent teens. Worgu was happy enough to play football in Sudan for a hefty fee but when he broke the laws of Sudan people say he shouldn’t be punished. I don’t see it that way. If the man is guilty, let him take his flogging the same as other young men take theirs. Forty strokes might sound a lot. They will hurt for sure. They’re meant to hurt. But he’s young and he’s fit. The cane won’t kill him and forty strokes won’t damage his playing ability. What the cane will teach him, and all the other young rule breakers, is to obey the law or take the consequences. In Stephen’s case, the consequences add up to forty lashes.

  5. If Stephen Worgu is innocent, he deserves our support. On the other hand, if he is guilty, he deserves to be punished. He chose to live and play football in Sudan. That means he is bound by their laws. If the law says he needs a caning then we have to accept that. It’s no good saying he should be treated differently from their own people.
    Young Nigerians abroad have a responsibility to behave well. If they don’t, it’s our nation’s reputation that suffers.
    IF THE MAN IS INNOCENT, HE MUST NOT BE PUNISHED. IF HE IS GUILTY, HE SHOULD TAKE HIS CANING LIKE A MAN. The flogging will hurt and it won’t just be Stephen’s arse that suffers. His pride will take a hammering, as well.
    But painful as those 40 strokes will be, they’ll clean the slate. Then Stephen Worgu can get on with what he does well. Very well. Very well indeed. And that’s playing football.

  6. Sure. If the guy’s guilty, I agree with you but there seems to be a lot of doubt. I’m not saying he shouldn’t be caned. I’m just saying make sure he’s guilty first. If he is, O.K. Flog him and flog him hard. Then show it to the other young men who think they can go to other countries and behave as they like. Nobody should be above the law, even star footballers.

  7. The court found him guilty so there must have been enough evidence. Cane one young man and you send out a message to a million other young men. In Stephen Worgu’s case the message is clear. Don’t drink and drive or you’ll get 40 strokes of the cane. If Stephen hasn’t taken his caning yet, the court should get on and give it to him. By delaying, they are sending out the wrong message. They are too weak to flog the man. Just because he’s famous shouldn’t stop them. The warning to other young men will be stronger if they see one of their footballing heroes get 40 strokes of the cane.
    Like John son said, Put the guy’s caning on Youtube. It’ll be a good example to juvenile delinquents everywhere.

  8. hey guys you are all fools to say he should be flogged…. can sudanes FA flog a player like kaka, messi, ronaldo etc if they were playing in sudan and break a fucking law like that…. afterall steven is not from sudan and he is not a muslem, so what right deos the sudanes have to flog such a talented and respected young star… fuck you all that says steven should be flogged….

  9. O.K. Chizi, so you don’t think the guy should be flogged. He broke the law of the land, didn’t he? Just because he’s a good footballer, that doesn’t alter anything. If he’s famous, caning him will be a warning to all of his fans. Maybe you think there shouldn’t be any laws, Chizi. I’ll tell you man, where the lash is used, there’s not much crime. Sounds good to me and just about everybody else I speak to.

  10. Another thing Chizi,
    If Ronaldo,Kaki and Messi break the same law Stephen broke, they’ll get the cane. It’s not one law for some but not for others. It’s one law for all. You think people who say the guy should be caned are crazy? If that’s true, there must be a lot of crazy people in the world. A few hundred million, I’d guess. Probably more. We’re the guys who’ve seen the cane used and know it works!

  11. if anyone will lay a finger on my brothers ass in sudan, that means the whole of sudanes will pay for it…. stephen did not do anything wrong, he did not even drink anything like alcohol. infact by rigth the sudanes have no right to flog a nigerian no matter what….

  12. Take it easy Chizi. It’s months since Stephen was sentenced to a 40 lash flogging and nobody has given it to him yet. Most people think he’s not going to get the cane or the whip otherwise he’d have got it by now.
    That’s not to say flogging is bad or that other men won’t get it. They will if they deserve it.
    Maybe the lawyers agreed with you and didn’t think Stephen needed the cane. Perhaps they found out he was innocent.
    Maybe I’m wrong and they’re waiting for the right time to flog him. We’ll find out eventually. Meanwhile, take it easy my friend. Stephen’s a fit young man. If they do decide to give him the cane, he’s hard enough to take it.

  13. hey hamza or what ever you call urself, am not talking to you, am just talking to sudanes FA. if you are from sudan its ur problem. i am only telling sudanes FA not to lay a finger on him thats all, but if they feel they are strong enough to flog such a talend player from nigeria becos he is playing in one fucking sudanes club, they should try it and see what will happen to all sudanes in nigeria. especially in my state…

  14. We agree on one thing, Chizi. Stephen is a very talented player. If he’s innocent he doesn’t deserve punishment. Let’s hope you’re right about that and then everybody will be happy.

  15. It’s months now and we haven’t heard anything about the guy getting the cane. Is that because they decided he was innocent or because they were frightened of public opinion?
    If he’s innocent it’s good news he wasn’t caned. But if he got away with it because he’s famous, that’s not so good. It shouldn’t be one law for the rich and another law for the poor. I reckon even you’d agree with that Chizi.
    Everybody admires Stephen as a footballer but that’s no reason for letting him off his punishment. If he did the crime he should get the cane the same as the other guys who are getting it all the time.
    If he’s innocent he should never have been sentenced in the first place. And if he’s innocent,what happened to the money they got out of him as a fine. Did they pay it back?
    What about the guys who don’t pay their fines? I’ve heard they get extra lashes. Is that right? What if they’re too poor to pay? But then flogging has always been for poor young men. You never hear of rich guys getting the whip across their backs or bending over for the cane.

  16. Sure they do. If they deserve the cane, they get it. A lot of men with money make it from drugs, prostitution and other illegal acts. The money doesn’t save them from punishment.
    There is one time when most of us would agree with you. That’s when young drug ‘Dealers’ get caught and they’re working for a ‘Mister Big’. The police can’t catch the big guys so they cane the young ones. That’s not right.
    Young servicemen get severe canings for minor breaches of discipline. That’s not right either.
    On the whole, caning works well. Wrongdoers get a punishment they won’t forget so they behave themselves in future. Other guys hear about it and don’t break laws that could end up with them bending over for the cane.

    • What world do you live in Tao? In the world we live in everybody knows the big guys get away with murder while the little guys get it in the neck. It’s the same with caning.
      You admit that in the army young servicemen get severe canings for minor offences.You never hear about officer cadets getting the cane but it’s used more or less every day on young conscripts. They get it for offences like drinking alcohol and smoking, or maybe answering an officer back in a way he thinks is disrespectful.
      The army cane is a lot bigger than a school cane and it’s used hard. You can hear the men yelling whenever they’re getting it and the marks last for weeks.
      O.K. Tao, they shouldn’t go breaking the rules and they should show some respect, we all know that. But do they need to be lashed?
      Everybody knows why Stephen Worgu didn’t get his arse whipped. It’s because he’s rich and famous. If he’d been a poor boy he’d have been bent over and caned like everybody else.

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