Coalition Against Corrupt Leaders (CACOL) in Nigeria

By Adeola Aderounmu

I made an entry on my blog on Nov 21 2007 called

All Nigerians Should Join and Support CACOL

Since then some people wanted to know how to locate CACOL or become members. I am not a member myself and it would be nice to become a member of such a vibrant body. As a matter of fact I would have suggested that body to be named Coalition Against Corrupt People in Nigeria. It is not only the rulers or leaders that are corrupt.

Nigeria and Nigerians are suffering from serious crises that affect our individual and collective mentality of how we should live our lives. Almost everyone cuts corner in his or her undertakings. But I do agree that when the head is rotten then the whole body stinks. This is why CACOL may be a worthwhile adventure. Cure the head and the body becomes healthy perhaps.

Just imagine if we could prosecute and imprison all the corrupt rulers in Nigeria. You hardly see any leader. 99.9% of public servants and politicians in Nigeria are thieves. Big thieves and looters.

The Coordinator of CACOL Mr. Debo Adeniran was on my blog page to drop the needed information. This is the link to CACOL


So, to all those who have requested for the information, you have it from the original source.

And how nice that Mr. Adeniran found my blog. I thought that was interesting.