Manchester United’s Jonny Evans should be banished from football

By Adeola Aderounmu

I watched Chelsea vs Manchester United game on TV on a friend’s invitation. For many reasons, I hardly sit to watch a premiership game. I fear that gamblers and mafias have hold of the games. I also think that some people already know which team would excel at the end of the season. I may be wrong but it is easy to predict the best 4 teams in the premiership for the past 1 decade.

As I watched this particular game which Chelsea struggled to win by one goal to nothing courtesy of a John Terry Header, I saw how players could really show traits of mental disorientation. Passion apart, the players of Manchester United need some psychiatric evaluations.

They contested many of the referee’s decisions and made outright demands from the refereee including that a Chelsea defender should be red-carded. Ricardo Carvalho brings down Wayne Rooney and Darren Fletcher wants the defender to be sent off. I thought that is a crazy trait. Is Darren Fletcher normal?

Jonny Evans should be SERIOUSLY investigated by the English FA. If I have my way I will banish him from football for life. What kind of example was he potraying to the millions of children all over the world who watched that game? If he wanted a profession in Kung Fu then he should go have a chat with Jackie Chan.

Jonny Evans more or less attempted to murder Didier Drogba. What if Drogba died from the shock of the attack on his abdominal region?

And can Alex Fergusson shut up for once and stop blaming the referee every time his team loses a game? What does Alex Ferguson have to say about Drogba’s yellow card when Jonny Evans had attempted to “kill him”?

I just hope I don’t get another invitation too soon to see another premiership game. Each game I see always leave me angry especially as it seems the referees all need magnifying lenses to see clearly.