Thierry Henry is a disgrace to football

BY Adeola Aderounmu

You could work hard all your life to achieve greatness and then mess it up with one stupid unbecoming act. This is what Henry has become to his fans worldwide-A very big shame!

I feel so sorry for him because I don’t know where he will find respite for his soul after cheating in that game against Ireland. Football is a game and FIFA has preached fairplay for ages.

Where is the FairPlay in carrying the ball with your hand when it wasn’t basketball?

Thierry Henry has become a disgrace and a huge shame to the game of football. I wish him well as he battles the open wound in his conscience.

I am not a fan of Ireland neither am I a fan of France. I just want to enjoy watching a game. I always hope the better team wins but it doesn’t always turn out to be so.

But when one team or a player clearly robs the other side in a significant way, I always wished I had the power to nullify the outcome.

If I could I would have ordered a replay of that match in less than 72 hours at a neutral venue just like the Egypt-Algeria match that was decided in Sudan.

Shameful, sad indeed, Henry!

17 thoughts on “Thierry Henry is a disgrace to football

  1. I’m Irish so one would assume I’d agree with you for that reason alone. And I do, but I agree more because the total lack of honesty is what makes it a disgrace. He knew exactly (Henry) what he was doing when he kept that ball in play. Then for him to celebrate so brazenly, after crushing the Irish players hopes of a World Cup dream is just simply appalling. Our hope of a Worl Cup with a most worthy team has been stolen, we did not deserve to go out like this. No team deserves this kind of an ending. These men spend their entire lives training and waiting to take part in such an event and now they’ve lost it because of this arrogant French man’s deliberate decision to handle the ball. France were under pressure and they reacted by cheating. I hope they go out at the earlies stage possible because they are not worthy, dishonest people never are. Well done Ireland, you guys were fantastic and you’ve made your country VERY proud tonight.


  2. When athletes use dope they get banned from a sport. That is cheating. Enhancing their chances of beating opponents. When footballers dive and use handballs to win games, that is cheating. Enhancing their chances of winning. BAN all cheats. Sport should include honest sportmanship. If nothing is done about this, then FIFA will fail its moral obligation to enhance football. I don’t support either France or Ireland. But right is right, and Thierry was wrong. Fact. Cheat. Scum. Rubbish. Burn in hell.


  3. LE CHEAT is only following in the footsteps of platini another cheat.and of course the people who devised cheating FIFA
    we are Irish and proud people ,football has now lost another supporter IF NOT THOUSANDS
    What will be Barcelona response as there is a strong Irish connection to that club and area.


  4. this incident highlights a wider problem that is the mony grabbing business football now is, it is a political and business decision taken by uefa to pool the teams in the playoff, thus ensuring a very good chance big teams get through. i am certain this was agreed by fifa, i am also certain the fifa intended for france to make the world cup for all the revenue, viewership that a population of france would bring, it is not interested in bringing this game to smaller nations, the game is no longer the beautiful game rather a greedy business,


    • It was more than an unfortunate way to go out in my opinion, it was disastrous for the Irish team and its nation. It sends out the message that those who cheat in sport will ultimatey win. And as for Shay Given and the penalty decision, there was no contact made whatsoever with Anelka, he dived therefore it was simulation and he should have been booked. Another outrageous decision!!


  5. I am equally dissappointed that everybody is cricizing Henry. football is an instinctive and a game of passion. more serious and determined players are able to squeese water out of stones, i mean improvise to make things happen. that is what makes the game special.
    obviusly there were a lot of assistant referees around who should have noticed the incident. if they didn’t see it why blame Henry? Is he the referee? why do some players dive to win games cunningly, it is because they are so much hungry for sucess. A risk was taken by Henry and it yielded more fruits and vegetables.
    I don’t think Fifa HAS to waste his time on this, else the precedence would be set down for every game to be replayed wasting time and resources to mistakes of referee who are eqaully human. besides, everybody does mistake in his profession so does the referee so would it be better to pause up on the referee attack and focus on next four years. if Irish were so much technically good they would have qualified once and at once. Rebuild your team mates but the hard luck was yesterday.


  6. thierry should be charged with bare face robbery
    he done it and knew it he should be man enough to say rematch no matter what and fifa should be on the side of fair play


  7. why blame is just a game-a hard competition that rivals try to do everything to win in so far as u are not why blame henry when there was a refree.


  8. Adeola Aderounmu ur write up is a big piece of shit, seeking cheap attention. How many times have u laced a football boot? It is easy to judge people. If u knew who Thierry really is, u wldnt write this piss.
    Sometimes in desperation ur act cld be spontaneous. For sb sitting at his home (probably over beer) to judge a man far beyond his status over a split second action is silly. Circulating this trash u wrote sucks.

    He handled the ball and he admits it but for u to say he’s a disgrace, u have no right to say so.


    • Ifeanyi, go to Festac Town end of 23 road and asked about Omotayo or teacher. They will tell you how many times I’ve laced my boots. You might also want to go to NYSC Oyo state and find out the players who represented Oyo State in the 95/96 year.
      If you find Bimbo Fatokun (formerly of Antwerp) or Modestus Okafor who both played in Germany/ Belgium, then ask them about me and football.

      As for Henry, there is a global consensus that what he did is a shame so you shut up your stinking mouth!


  9. Adeola Aderounmu, I think you are not getting something rigt. If you look at careful replay, the ball hit Henry’s hand twice. The first was a ball to hand, not a delibrate one, and the second was a split sec control with the hand by henry. Everybody will do this if he has been playing for over 90 minutes and desperately needed a goal. I don’t blame Henry. Mind you, he accepted the act, apologised and agreed on a rematch suggestion. What else do you want hime to do, hang up his boots. Noooooo. He is one of the greatest players I ever knew. He has been an inspiration for a lot of young players including lots of we Aficans.

    I’ll be very glad if you post some good comment about this guy.


  10. you are not only jobless but the SHAME to this Great Nation. Do you truly deserve the credentials you own? No! So you’re not only a cheat but a selfish one at that; always thinking about yourself and what your country must/or av not done for you, while 14Henry on the other hand should be tagged a PATRIOT, who selflessly has tainted his character to save his nation. Or av ever heard of him fake a fall to earn a foul in his whole career? WATCH WHAT U POST ABEG! RUBBISH!!!


  11. Am not here to blame henry or anybody all i known is football is a game of risk when you do something and you are not cauth thats your lock and if you are cauth you face the consicuency by your self .So fans let zhen blanta and platini gudge him not any body else to gudge.


  12. am Nigerian and Am not here to blame henry or anybody all i known is football is a game of risk when you do something and you are not cauth thats your lock and if you are cauth you face the consicuency by your self .So fans let zhen blanta and platini gudge him not any body else to gudge.


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