FIFA says Footballers Can Play with their Hands

By Adeola Aderounmu

I’m hoping to see a new kind of foot-hand-ball in South Africa 2010.

FIFA says its okay for footballers to play with their hands as long as they don’t use their hands to prevent a goal. Fantastic!

This is what I gathered from the “Henry will not be punished” report. He was not seen by the referee and he didn’t use his hands to prevent a goal. According to FIFA, he only used his hands to aid scoring a goal. AND it’s ok to do that, they said.

So there you go-al footballers. Score with your hands but please don’t stop the ball from going into the nets with your hands.

Goodluck to the best foot-hand-ball team in South Africa. Let the celebration begin…!

Thierry Henry is a disgrace to football

BY Adeola Aderounmu

You could work hard all your life to achieve greatness and then mess it up with one stupid unbecoming act. This is what Henry has become to his fans worldwide-A very big shame!

I feel so sorry for him because I don’t know where he will find respite for his soul after cheating in that game against Ireland. Football is a game and FIFA has preached fairplay for ages.

Where is the FairPlay in carrying the ball with your hand when it wasn’t basketball?

Thierry Henry has become a disgrace and a huge shame to the game of football. I wish him well as he battles the open wound in his conscience.

I am not a fan of Ireland neither am I a fan of France. I just want to enjoy watching a game. I always hope the better team wins but it doesn’t always turn out to be so.

But when one team or a player clearly robs the other side in a significant way, I always wished I had the power to nullify the outcome.

If I could I would have ordered a replay of that match in less than 72 hours at a neutral venue just like the Egypt-Algeria match that was decided in Sudan.

Shameful, sad indeed, Henry!