Austin Jay Jay Okocha-Probably the Greatest Footballer since Pele. An unsung hero

Austin Jay Jay Okocha-an unsung hero

Jay Jay is arguably the best footballer ever from Nigeria. He is the most underrated player ever in the history of world football!!! No Nigerian or African living or dead displayed the same level of skills and techniques that Okocha gave to football. Okocha is one of the rare players who did in big matches what they would do on a training pitch. While at PSG in France, Brazil’s Ronadinho learnt so much from Okocha and he went on to display some of Okocha’s skills in big matches as well.

Okocha’s exploit at Bolton Wanderers are well documented and famous. For the Nigerian national team we are still looking for a replacement for the midfield tactician albeit a magician.

Okocha was a past winner of the BBC African footballer of the year. But Okocha was never recognised by CAF-The Confederation of African Football. This is a very serious indictment on CAF and the fact the Okocha is no longer active does not imply that CAF cannot make amends.

CAF must admit its error of judgment that Okocha never received the African Footballer of the Year award despite his popularity and contributions to the game in Africa and Europe. My advice to CAF is to use the World Cup in South Africa 2010 to make amends for this catastrophic error. There is nothing wrong if CAF institute an award or awards that will honour the likes of Okocha as part of the opening ceremony for the Mundial.

Even FIFA is not left out of this international scandal. If either David Beckham or Michael Owen has a quarter of Okocha’s skills and abilities, they would have won the award of World Footballers of the year at different times. It will remain one of the unsolved mysteries of this century that neither CAF nor FIFA gave Jay Jay Okocha the awards that he ought to have won, African and World Footballer of the year. Don’t ask me what year. Let them search their consciences.

That Liberian George Weah won the awards in the past is not enough for Africa. It shouldn’t be “symbolic” that an African had won it before. An African should win awards on merit.

Even the Nigerian sports establishments cannot be left out in this scandal. They didn’t do enough to presents Okocha’s peculiar case to the rest of the world. Austin Jay Jay Okocha remains a legend and should rank among the best 10 footballers of all time. I see him in the same rank as Maradona and Pele.


103 thoughts on “Austin Jay Jay Okocha-Probably the Greatest Footballer since Pele. An unsung hero

  1. I cant agree more on the top 10 player issue. It is not debateable…It is a fact. Zizou is the only midfielder comparable to Okocha.

  2. okocha should come back to super eagles to play the 2010 world cup in south africa. I love the way he play football he is a vary good midfieder.

  3. Some body should help me ask Sam Allydice what happened when jay jay left bolton, infact jay jay has no comparison. 08063296328 my num.

  4. okocha is no doubt the best player in the world. pls dont compare him with any footballer out there, he is simply da best in his hay days.

  5. He is good. But let him enjoy his retirement in peace. He, like a good actor, knows when to leave the stage…when the ovation is loudest. Let’s leave the inept CAF and FIFA to their whims.

  6. If the likes of jay jay okocha, osaze, oba martin, and others will make up super eagle..i will have no single worry. Even if the fail to deliver..:)

  7. hero remains hero.long live austin jay jay okocha.whether fifa or caf reward him 4 a job well done in football or not he remains the maradona of Nigeria an the pele of african.We luv u

    • i started watching Nigerian football that was 96, then my dad was still serving in lagos as a Naval officer, i love okocha skill n magic at atlanta 96 game, in fact all my Jersey i write on the back of my Jersey Okocha no 10, if u go to coca cola club n ask of 3waxy, i play for many club, since 1998 to 2010 then since no way to play for my country 9Ja i hv to find my way, cuz i hv no body to help, but for me football was a game i dat i hv passion 4 it, there is no magic of Okocha that i cant do it even nw, but i pray my first son should hv that passion like me then i will make sure i will push him to the stage i didn’t reach, Jay Jay Okocha, Kanu, Taribo, The bull, Babayaro, n my goal keeper Enyeama, therefore JAYJAY IS MY BEST MAN IN THE WORLD

  8. Jay Jay or African magician as I use to call him was,is and will 4eva be the best player Nigeria and Africa has eva produced.If I become a footballer I will want to be nothing less than him.Jay Jay my African idol.

  9. Okocha an Africa icon, is a legend in the world. His skills are incredible and doubtful, which most world best players emulate. His is indeed great.

  10. Jay jay Okocha bu onye leather, 042 for life..nwanne onweroo!! Onye egwu bu onye egwu tata ma ruo tomorrow…gbalu gaba master!

  11. Words can’t describe the kind of skill Okocha displayed, ever since Maradona i have not seen any footballer who has got even a quarter of the skils Okocha has got. And although he wasn’t ever rewarded by CAF and FIFA, to me and many billions out there he remains the best Africa has ever produced and together with Pele and Maradona one of the world’s best ever.

  12. Okocha’s skill is incomparable. He was just unlucky not to play in any big club his skills would have been more recognised and appreciated. Trust me, that is one edge Kanu has over Okocha.

  13. How can a player that did not win anything 4 his country be there best player,a player that reluctantly honour his country call that cost them the 2006 world jay jay is not how best will either be kanu or yekini who both won afican footballer of the year award for themselfs and the country at large,which okocha did’nt.

  14. to the great legend okocha.from birth ordained with the anointing of round leather game.his presence is needed in the squad 2010.if baba Zindine could do it,yes jay jay you are the man.

  15. u are a legend Austin” judgement of football bodies were bias, u deserve all the awards…

  16. Well my good people of Nigeria, Africa and the world, there is no gain saying the fact that Austine Jay – Jay Okocha was in his days and till date undoubtably a soccer god who the world entirely is still longing to see not to talk of Nigeria. He was and is a bundle of skills as far as the game is concerned. Let us be just and fair in our judgments and expell in totality bias. Thanks. Long live OKOCHA.

  17. “So good he was named twice (Jay Jay)” This, by his former coach at Bolton, perhaps says it all. simply put, he is a god of soccer whose kind is rare in history.

  18. i call him my jay jay, i cherish his style of play, how i wish he could be among the team player for world cup 2010, so i can see the matchless skill he will display to the entire continent of the world. Okocha i miss u on the field of play, pls let me not miss you on the field of play in heaven playing for Jesus’ team. Enjoy the rest of your life and live for Jesus only, i can’t afford to loose u to lucifer. My jayjay, God bless u.

  19. Jay jay, really successfull in the fild of play but the only problem dat denied him his awards is dat he usally 4gets d main aim of playn a match (wining) nd focuses on 2 much skills nd gud play dere by lacking trouphies

  20. Yes, a protroding pregnant never needed to be told to any body, Jay Jay is my idol footballically, and since the announcement of his retirement from active soccer, particularly from Nigeria senior national football team, my zeel for watching super Eagles match died. Jay can and will not have comparism in his given talent in Nigeria and in this century. My idol, enjoy your retirement and invest wisely.

  21. although fifa and caf didn honour him,we ,his fans,honoured him in our hearts as da ol time player….austin u r da best

  22. JAY JAY OKOCHA in his glorious days was described as the TORMENTOR by his opponents.He displayed so much skill and great control in the game like none ever did.If those in CAF & FIFA will not repent to give you an honour u deserved,condemnation awaits them…

  23. Folks, u neva saw the best of jayjay. That he displayed only in training, as no coach could allow him to display in a real match. That was why in his one-man-show against man-city, his team mate said, “we all know what jayjay can do, and it is best he does it when u a 2 goals up.”

  24. As things stand s up to date,iam still dumbfounded in as far as the issue of okocha is concerned.What else did they expected of him apart from what he did ?Was it not enough?To date why don’t we have some one of his like nature?

  25. The reason no club wanted him was that he was a selfish player. He could dribble to sizzle but never a team player. Remember when Nigeria played Sweden in 1998 Okocha shot from distance and never gave any of his team mates the ball the result a 4-1 drubbing. Come on player like Zizou were team players who had skills Okocha wasnt. I am sorry it the way it is the truth. But he had good individual skills i will credit him on that.

  26. This is one of the greatest player GOD has giving to our generation.
    I KNOW,LOVE & ADORN HIM when it come to football.
    He is the most entertaining footballer counted among the likes of GEORGE BEST,PELE THE GREAT,MARADONA, ETC.

    • JJ must come back to his roots 4open doors. Enugu remains his root. They demand football academy from Okocha their Hero.Eddy

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  28. u ar d most skilfull footbal player. There’s no doubt dat u ar d maradoona of 9ja nd d pele of africa. Tnx

  29. God Bless Him, he was a legend for Fenerbahçe fans and i hope he did for the other teams as PSG,Bolton Nigeria.
    Thank you Jay Jay

  30. just want to add that he is equally handsome. His unique phisique gives something extra to the game (pls i’m not gay 0)

  31. Okocha is a good player, but u guys are highly overrating him how wud sum1 compare him to Zidane… he balled but was not all dat…u guys r fuckin illiterates for tryn dat…go to skul nd be useful with ur lives..u guys clearli dont kno shit bout soccer and are too biased..think outside the box

  32. as for me, i lack words with which to describe jay-jay’s skill. jay-jay can only be compared to the great Pele. no other player in the world comes close to him. its really a pity that he was not adequately honored, but to his fans, he is the greatest. he is our hero, and we love him!

  33. j j okocha is the best is the best in the world and no doubt about it.but God has a way of rewarding people


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  36. Jay jay was, is and might forever be the best African and Nigerian player ever to grace the scene of international football. To say he was a legend, is quite frankly an understatement, or a comment from a poor observer…..Jay jay was an enigma, a national hero, an emblem, and a true representation of every Nigerian ideal. Nigeria misses a GIANT

  37. I think his videos should be preservd in the museum of fifa, caf, n who ever wuld wnt the unborn to have a glimpse of a skill full footballer. He had it all as far as football is concern.

  38. History remembers you for what you do not mainly for the medals you have won. Achilles never wore a crown but even Agamemnon cannot compare to his fame. Let CAF and FIFA keep their awards, Okocha already has his rewards one of which, he remains the best in peoples ranking. That is what matters. FIFA and CAF are bodies who judge based on their thinking. We the people judge based on our own thinking

  39. okocha, believe me,be happy ur Reward is not of this world. ur crown in heaven is with pure gold. you are true a World football ambassador of all seasons. welldone.

  40. My mentor Austine Jay Jay Okocha, Jah had all ready blessed you but heaven and earth of which evil will not change.Jay Jay is the world best footballer but been in Africa and Nigeria as well brought slavery mentality of which we can ye truth anymore..The whole players in the world confirm and rated Jay Jay as best so Nigeria, CAF and FIFA can judge what they feel cause of the corruptible world we are…. If Jay Jay is born European tell me how award he will won and honor over him.Jay Jay remain bless.

  41. i am actually from the same place with okocha, what they did ti him only God will judge CAF and FIFA because what this young players are displaying is as a result of what they learn t from jay jay himself.
    thanks viewers and let God judge
    adinkwu emeka christian is my name

  42. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    i am actually from the same place with okocha, what they did ti him only God will judge CAF and FIFA, because what this young players are displaying today is as a result of what they learn t from jay jay himself.
    thanks viewers and let God judge,
    adinkwu emeka christian is my name.

  43. God bless Jay Jay, he was a hero and king in the field and still a hero today out of the field. I was one of the people who thought Austin will come back for Super Eagles at 2010 world cup, however Jay did his part to the world of soccer, those who did not see will never see. Austian is a living legend without doubt. Since he retired from soccer then Zidane, footballer is boring a bit to me, today’s footballers are made to play soccer not born talented, maybe we will see triple J ‘JJJ’ junior Jay Jay at one stage to bring back total football to earth again. CAF and FIFA never stop to amazed. I love Jay to the extend that I supported all teams he played for. He is the best no matter on list of greatest or not. I have seen only one class of his, Zidane and Ronaldino comes after them. God bless Jay Jay and have long life.

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  45. Mr j.j okocha, an un4getable national hero,world game master. You are one of the nigeria resurses that we cherised created specially by God.although denied from african or world best player.we know that good name is better than riches.NIGERIANS LOVE YOU.LONG LIFE

  46. Fifa or Caf award don’t matter. God’s reward matters most. I pay tribute to ‘god of soccer’ which is JAY JAY

  47. I’m so surprised that non here knows about Jay Jay’s honour from FIFA. Now hear this, IN 2004 WHEN FIFA TURNED 100years, they decided to honour the greatest players of all time. And they did, hence, AUSTIN JAY JAY OKOCHA was honoured as one of the FIFA 125 GREATEST LIVING FOOTBALL LEGENDS!!! Other Africans so honoured were George Weah, Roger Milla, Abedi Pele, and Alhaj Diouf. LADIES THAT WERE HONOURED: Michelle Akers, Mya Ham(both from USA) and One Chinese lady, i’ve forgotten her name. OTHERS ARE: Pele, Maradona, Platini, Zidane, Ronaldo da Lima, Beckam, Ronaldinho(the youngest), etc. And you might need to know that FIFA has so much regard for this Community of Greats, because apart from meeting with them periodically, FIFA always consults with them whenever there is a topical issue. After they were honoured in 2004, FIFA gave a schedule of its Meetings with them for the next 2years, and just like that. (And that was why after 2010 world cup when Mr Biu, the then Minister of Sports wanted to meet with Blatter he decided to go with Jay Jay). NOW AS FOR CAF: Just at the last Awards, CAF Honoured Jay Jay with CAF Legend Award. Besides one Nigerian sports presenter on AIT said that CAF had apologized to Jay Jay for not crowning him at least ones during his playing days. But you Jay Jay fans can at least be happy that, in 2003 and 2004 Jay Jay won BBC Africa Footballer of the year!!!

  48. De respect of jayjay okocha will never come down, i don‘t think! Nigeria will never find someone like okocha (no 10) forget it. I resprct you jayjay.

  49. Jay jay decive at lest if not anything African best uptill now there is no player in african to be compared with him. I hel u baba jay jay

  50. Thank 4 yr coment about okocha my award to okocha the best dribler 4 the world if it is oyibo man fifa wuld have him the position, nfa & caf are looking were fifa are looking

  51. I think if he was from,he could hev easly won world footballer.He was better than Kaka and Ronaldhino nt even considering Canavarro

  52. Its truly unfair and too bad, He deserves it but that what racism and favoritism has deprived from us. But in what so ever I give it up to you. Jay Jay your a legend and my football hero for ever I will tell my generations what you have done and the magical display you have and have exhibited them in so many way. My unsung hero.

    • Jay Jay Okocha, an epitome of INBORN SOCCER MASTER_PIECE…Am @least satisfied dat ur felo soccer professionals,futbal bodies,fans,leaders,d ‘handicaps’,d ‘unborn’,animals n plants etc., r justified dat u were UNJUSTLY TREATED n d ALL TIME most UNDER_RATED FUTBOLA

  53. Its sometimes very painful dat mistakes made cannot b corrected.Of all tyms,Okocha wud remain d best player dat has ever emerged 4rm Africa.He’s comparable 2 Zinedin Zidane.He’s ma MENTOR

  54. Since the football world couldn’t see that jay jay was world and africa player of the year(dont ask me when because u ought to know),iam going to award him myself,and this is the player of the year and african player of the year when u were at your peak. What a skillful and hard working player u were! wherever u are be blessed!

  55. JJ, U’re wonderful, everybody knows that, even those refuse to accord the merited award. I pray U come back to Ur root-Enugu, Give Ur people football academy, Nike-boys & Ur Fans. U’re their Hero! Then wait for Ur greatest award. U remain the best.

  56. It is a shame that CAF under the leadership of Issa Hayatou most especially in 1998 and 2004 refused to award the African Footballer of the Year to Okocha even when it is obvious to the whole world that he (Okocha) deserves and merited the award. That refusal will forever continue to hunt CAF.

  57. i so much love jayjay okocha that why i called him the king of midfeider in africa i regreat why my bros did not get any award in africa in all ting he did to get it.. Well god has a plan for him even if i kno how i we contact him so he we train my jinior brother to replase him in football

  58. I read the comment about sweden, but i think the writer meant denmark. to accuse okocha of being selfish in the game is to be most unfair. Some nigerians watch a match only when it is being played and emotions high. Jayjay could not have better displayed good team spirit. The few times he fired, the commentator said that he was the only one who knew that the eagles should have fired from afield. He scored the highest number of goals for nigeria, more than any other midfielder and more than quite a number of strikers, and yet, he is accused of not scoring goals. Yet Okocha displayed only one-tenth of his skill on the field as no coach would allow him to do more than that! Simply the God of Soccer who was born in the Bethlehem of football, Nigeria, and his people knew him not.

  59. well it’s nice an good to ve’ person like j j okocha ‘ i like his ways an style of playing the football game matches he is best of best i love jj . Just like Ronaldo 2 thank .

  60. Austin Jay-jay Azuka Okocha, won/wins the heart of the world, far much more than the great Pele and Maradona did. And can not 4 this reason, be compared with the likes of Messi,Ronaldo,Ronaldinho,amongst other soccer stars of the world. Jay! u are superlatively, the Best amongst the Bests . He who JAH bless, no man can curse. I miss u, I LOVE U. Great “Doyen and Diety of soccer”- Jay jay Austin Azuka Okocha. Ya gazie.

  61. i so much love jayjay okocha that why i called him the king of midfeider in africa i regreat why my bros did not get any award in africa in all ting he did to get it.. Well god has a plan for him even if i kno how i we contact him so he we train my jinior brother to replase him in football

  62. All ya sayin Okocha is better than Ronaldhino
    gaucho must be sleping.You say Gaucho watch
    him play game in PSG.who chase the OKOCHA
    out of PSG,I also want you guys to know that
    good teahcer must always learn from his student.
    So he watch JAYJAY play and later thought Okocha more skills.Ordinary African Footballer
    of the year Okocha was no where to be found.Too
    bad.Ronaldhino won everything in this life
    concerning football.
    Ronaldhino Gaucho Alias GAGA is far far far far far far far better than that failure,

    • I guess you are entitled to your opinion. Jayjay was so good even the official world of football did not understand him. It took people like Pele (who saw only Okocha and Zizou as the only outstanding players in France 98), Platini (who would not have minded cutting off one of his arms to get okocha into his team if he had one), Mario Zagalo (World Cup winning coach who took Okocha’s jersey after the friendly match in Lagos), etc., to see beyond what the ordinary man sees. Those who see the beauty of Okocha’s play fall into the group of extraordinary men. Perhaps you’ll realise the World Footballer of the year is more often than not an exclusive club of strikers and attacking midfielders, and rarely playmakers.

  63. Okocha is undoubtedly the greatest player in terms of skills and accuarcy of football mentorship.I always believe that to what an individual achieve it is just the predestination.I see no reason while OKOCHA shudnt win Africa best player and infact fall among the first-fifth in world’s best futballer if nt politics,ethnicity,corruption,discrimination etc.I love him because he does skills and create spectacular moves that no futballer has ever attempted it.He is a founder of skills nt a copier of skills.Check his skills,u will all see that man is nobody other than a blessing to d history of futball in nigeria,africa and world at large.Nobody cheated okocha but destiny made him who he is nw.

  64. okocha ,you are the best footballer,in the world,for my own vjew i will never accept that C Ronaldo or Messi,is better than jay jay.even my country player like Etoo i will never compare him with JayJay:

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