Switzerland (U-17) win Gold in Nigeria

Switzerland U-17 wins Gold in Nigeria
Adeola Aderounmu

Switzerland has won the U-17 world cup in Nigeria. It was a happy ending for the Swiss who left no one in doubt about their mission in Nigeria right from the first game on 24th October when they defeated Mexico by 2 goals to Nothing. They also beat Japan 4-3 and pipped Brazil 1: 0.

In the rounds of 16 The Swiss beat Germany 4-3 after extra time. Italians were shown the way out in the quarter finals before they slammed Colombia with 4 un-replied goals in the semi. In the final match against host nation Nigeria, the Swiss won by a lone goal scored on the hour mark.

Nigeria played some beautiful football but it is the goals that counted and not the missed chances. Switzerland deserved to win this championship and they did. I am impressed with the tactical approach of the coach and the fact that he wasn’t screaming and threatening his players like his Nigerian counterpart. He stood and watched his boys made mistakes but never letting go of their defensive play and quick counter attack. It was the only way to neutralise the fluidity of the Nigerian style.

Congratulations Switzerland, we’ll see how this motivational victory influence the Swiss National team in South Africa 2010.

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