Why is the cost of gas soaring?

Adeola Aderounmu

Slowly and steadily the price of gas has increased and surprisingly it is no longer part of the BIG news. I really don’t know why the price of gas has increased to a record high in Sweden. Gas is now sold for over 12 swedish crowns (12:37) the last time I checked.

Few years ago there was a lot of concern when the prices were hitting 11+ and now that it is even worse there is almost no news about it. It seems that some people are now succeeding in raking more profits for their government or petrochemical industries. Who knows, it could be one way to save the climate. But I doubt the latter since the cost of gas has never been shown to decrease its consumption.

On the contrary people cut down on other expenses and spend the same amount of money or even more on gas when the prices are high. I surely do hope to find the answer to this nagging question in the nearest days: why is the cost of gas on the rise? I hesitated 2 weeks ago before filling the tank of my car. I actually thought the price will fall during the week but I was wrong. So I was compelled to buy gas on a monday.

Still it would be nice to know the origin of this money sucker. Is it due to something happening in the ever turbulent Middle East? What role has the deadly Nigerian Delta got to do in this persistent development? Is it OPEC? Is it some gaseous organisation turning in more profit to salvage the global economic meltdown. As consumers we surely deserved to be carried along.

One thought on “Why is the cost of gas soaring?

  1. cause the arabs are greedy and control the cost of oil through opec, as well as all related products. I cant wait for the oil to run out. What will you sell then? Sand. They all deserve to hang – bastards


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