A People Entrapped, Dehumanized, Oppressed, Defeated & Humiliated

A People Entrapped, Oppressed, Defeated & Humiliated

By Adeola Aderounmu

The changing of the Naira in Nigeria in 2023 has sent uncountable Nigerians to their early graves.

The useless government of Buhari and Osinbajo finally brought Nigerians to their knees. In fact, at the time of writing this article, millions of Nigerians are crawling on their bellies.

You probably remember (if you read my posts) how often I have described the Buhari-Osinbajo mandate a complete failure even before it spent 6 months in office. Did it not even take more than 6 months to form a cabinet? How many months have Buhari (?) real or fake spent in a UK hospital? Such a useless government that cannot build hospitals even for the use of the so called politicians.

How can a stupid, useless, meaningless, and outright directionless government like the one led by dumb headed Buhari stay for 8 years in power? How?  In several essays, I’d stated that Buhari should not even stay 1 hour longer in office, but whoever that man is/was, the Buhari in Aso rock stayed for a full two-term presidency. Unbelievable.

Let me tell you a few things that are happening in Nigeria this month of February 2023.

People have monies in banks, but they cannot touch or use their monies in the banks. This useless government changed the naira notes without providing enough cash to convert the people’s old notes to new notes. In a simple language, Emefiele the governor of the useless CBN and one Buhari in Aso rock ripped the masses of their hard-earned monies. What a scam!

So in Nigeria today, you may have to use a POS operator to get new N3000 with a fee of about N1 000 to the operator. Buhari in Aso rock is making the people poorer and poorer.

That is the type of useless economy that Buhari and Osinbajo are operating. Then one abnormal Emefiele called himself the governor of central bank. What a useless governor! What a senseless man. A typical moron and a hardcore criminal.

If you fall sick in Nigeria today, as a poor person, without the new naira notes to pay for your treatment, it is almost as good as a death sentence. I heard stories of people who have died because the banks did not release money to the families of sick people.

Remember that Nigeria is not at war (officially), but these types of occurrences are abominations in countries that are at war. The Buhari-Osinbajo is systematically sentencing the people to death.

When the government deprives the people of the money they have earned to live by, then the government has invariably passed death sentences on the people. This is nothing but crime against humanity. It should not go unpunished.

There is fuel scarcity in Nigeria today and if you are lucky to have it in Lagos, you’ll be paying about N600 per liter. If you say you know the real cost of petroleum products today, you are a bloody liar. The variations are many. There is no proper regulation of petroleum products and the dealings with petroleum products in Nigeria is like gambling and lottery.

There are so many factors that show that even after 8 years in office, the APC Buhari-Osinbajo mandate further lowered the sensibility of African rulers. In Nigeria in particular, many of the rulers have no sense at all. Imagine. How can Nigeria be exporting petroleum raw materials and importing finished petroleum products? Does that even make sense?

Is that not madness of the highest degree? This issue has been discussed for more than 5 decades but Nigeria as you may know is the only country in the world that has refused to experience a single development since 1960 or thereabout.

So, many banks are not locked because they have no cash to dispense. The few banks that have cash have long queues and you will be unfortunate many times because you will queue for many hours and still not get cash. Some people get lucky, they get cash. Then they run to the gas station to queue for fuel. If they get lucky, they will get a few liters at exorbitant fees.

The Nigerian government is killing the people and wiping g them away systematically. Nigeria was never a country. Nigeria will never be a country.

Nigeria must end for the nations entrapped in it to emerge and flourish. This is the only hope for the coming generations occupying present day cursed Nigger-Area (aka Nigeria).

Nigerian Government Tortures Nigerians

Nigerian Government Tortures Nigerians

(My quick reactions to recent crimes of the APC govt).

By Adeola Aderounmu

In 2020 Governments around the world are seeking ways and measures to cushion the pains and agonies that came with the corona (Covid-19) pandemic.

This is not the case in Nigeria (a failed and collapsing country).

The government has increased both the price of fuel and the cost of electricity.

As with my recent posts, I would not be writing a lenghty post about this.

I have been writing about Nigeria for almost 2 decades. Posts and blogs like mine have been ignored for several years, so it´s good in a way that the things l have written in the last 13 years or so are all on this blog.

You see, let me be clear. Nigerian politicians are criminals. From the presidency to the least local government, criminals, thieves, gangsters and very useless human beings are in charge.

I read a reaction recently that those who get into the political positions are a reflection of Nigeria and Nigerians. That is also discussable.

I don´t understand why or how anything good can come from the failed country called Nigeria. Nigeria is a fraud and should be dismantled.

Really, l don´t know which of my previous suggestions l need to elaborate to make my points.

The politicians are criminals.

The system of government (Unitary system) is a disgrace to the intellectuality of the black race. To rule, serve or participate in the system of government in Nigeria, you need to be crazy, insane, mad or a combination of all. Where in the world or how in the world can such a system works?

So, you see, you have criminals running a system of government that is designed to fail. Essentially, the system is a slave-master relation. Totally insane and unbelievable.

Nigeria is not going to work and the earlier the nations within it are set free, the better for a glimpse of hope that could appear 50 or 100 years from now.

The damage in the regions will take 2 to 4 generations to fix and no region has even started to care for the coming generations. Nigeria is a disaster!

The APC government should NEVER be allowed to see out it´s tenure. By now, not only should there be revolution in Nigeria, there should also be organised forces in the regions and the Ibos and Yorubas especially should have taken back their countries.

Of course, there will be rancours and probably fight in the regions. That may be inevitable against the backdrop of how the ”Nigerian mentality” has destroyed the psyche of the people since 1966 when they were thrown into disarray and permanent enemity.

Nigerians are hiding from the reality. By the time all the criminal politicians are arrested, or defeated by a revolution, all the monies stolen at home and abroad returned, all houses and properties acquired confiscated, there would be enough motivation to ensure that these criminals never emerge or succeed in the various regions or countries that would be set free from the useless and dying Nigeria.

And one more thing that Nigerians need to do away with is the foreign religions. I don´t know how we can make it sink into the medulla oblongata of Nigerians that churches and mosques are from the colonial masters and are instruments of slavery, torture and mental slavery.

The price of fuel is up. The cost of transportation will rise further. Food stuffs are already like gold in Nigeria as plastic food flood the market from China. So the government is making life difficult and China is flooding the Nigerian market with poisons. How long will it take before hunger and deaths level the population? There is terrorism, systematic genocide and all forms of evil that kill, maim and harm people daily.

Nigeria is darkest country from the sky. A single internation flight is all you need to confirm this. There is no electricity in Nigeria but the cost of it continues to increase.

The government, APC, is the most useless anyone has seen anywhere in the world. The government is the most fraudulent (specialist in advance fee fraud). How can Nigerians continue to pay for what they don´t have? What else do Nigerians need to stage a revolution and get rid of the APC government. PDP is not even an option. They are the same with the ease they crawl like morons from one to the other.

So much for not wanting to write a lot. It´s been almost 2 decades of writing and my anger today is 100 times more than in 2002 when l wrote why politicians steal.

When Nigerians are ready for freedom, they will do away with the name Nigeria. They will do away with both APC n PDP, they will cancel Abuja politics, call their politicans home and build for themselves new countries, new nations and new hopes for now and for the unborn generations.

Freedom is never served on a platter of gold. Never!

The Price of Petrol in Sweden since 2002

By Adeola Aderounmu

The price of petrol (popularly called bensin in Sweden) finally hits the USD2/ liter price. This is the costliest ever it has been in Sweden.

In 2009 the price dropped to 12,06/ kr per liter after reaching 12,54 kr/ liter the previous year.

2002 9,37 1,39
2003 9, 46 1,41
2004 10,05 1,49
2005 11,13 1,65
2006 11,55 1,72
2007 11,65 1,73
2008 12,54 1,86
2009 12,06 1,79
2010 12,97 1,93
2011 14,09 2,09
2012 14,93 2,22

[Source: Metro Sweden 16 feb 2012]

[The conversion rates could have been different in the early 2000s]


On 18th February 2012 the cost price per liter hit the 15,00kr mark making it the most expensive ever. Statoil was selling at 15,06kr/liter.

Hard Times For Nigerians in 2012

By Adeola Aderounmu

Nigerians are faced with hard times in 2012. The level and amount of suffering is to escalate beyond comprehension.
Petrol will now sell for more than N140/ liter.

This is a country where more than 100m people are impoverished, poor and in extreme penury. Mass poverty is rampant and will spread even more.

Wealth and wellness remain in the hands of the politicians and the few who have escape the menace of poverty.

On the first day of the year the useless government headed by one Mr. Jonathan announced the removal of fuel subsidy.

The cost of Transportation in Nigeria is very high and will get even higher. People will pay more to get to work and places of businesses. People who go to work 3 times a week will now probably go to work once a week or not at all.

Those who have managed 5 times a week will probably lower their attendance rate to 1-2 times.

Those who drive will become poorer because of the double cost of petrol. In short things will never be the same.

As soon as the cost of transportation increases, the cost of food will follow, hunger will spread.

In a country without social security and widespread unemployment, the consequences are unimaginable.

In addition the cost of goods and services will follow the same pattern and everybody will pay more for everything.

People will suffer more than ever before.

There may be a pressure of foreign based Nigerians to increase their allocations of money transferred to Nigeria. Families and friends will seek more help than ever before.

Mr. Jonathan and his vice president will not be affected. They have budgeted over N2 million per day for their food. In 2012, they get free fuel and over N1b for food only. The rest of Nigerians can go to hell! There is no greater act of wickedness. These men removed subsidy at the same time that they approved food subsidies for themselves. Nigerians will be foolish to live with this unacceptable madness. Jonathan should be kicked out of power asap.

Another group of people that will not be affected are the politicians in general. Nigerian politicians are the highest paid in the world and they rank among the most corrupt at the same time. There is no real attempt to stop or fight corruption in Nigeria.

The people are suffering and they will continue to suffer. People die from preventable and avoidable reasons as the politicians fattened up daily. Nigerians are amusing…how can they allow this to continue?

I have never seen a people so resilient and tolerant of madness. I will never see another like them-the Nigerians.

This is 2012, the challenges are diverse. From defending their regions to protesting against policies that enrich the corrupt and enslave the general populace, Nigerians are bracing up for violence and the hardest of time ever under the most useless presidency ever.

Riliwan Lukman-Another useless Minister

By Adeola Aderounmu

Riliwan Lukman is Nigeria’s Minister for Petroleum Resources. Nigeria has a persistent problem with Petroleum products despite the fact that we are one the largest producers of crude oil in the world.

I don’t remember the last yuletide or Christmas in Nigeria without Fuel Crises.

Riliwan Lukman has been in and out of government for decades and it was a big shock that Yar Adua appointed him as Petroleum Resources Minister in his illegal government. That the useless Senate even ratified his appointment points to the stupidity in governance in Nigeria. Empty skulls all!

Nigerians are suffering under a persistent fuel crisis even this Christmas/ New year. But you know what? Riliwan Lukman is on vacation in Austria.

Goodluck Jonathan wanted to have him in a meeting. According to the Nigerian Guardian Newspaper, Jonathan had at the meeting of the Federal Executive Council (FEC) on Wednesday directed Lukman along with two ministers of State, Mr. Odein Ajumogobia (Petroleum) and Mr. Remi Babalola (Finance), to suspend their Christmas and New Year vacations to enable them all stay within Abuja and find a solution to the fuel crisis in the country.

Mr. Lukman jetted out. The thing is the man is expired and he is not the solution to the problem even if he attend 1 thousand meetings. It is just surprising that he confirmed my fears that many Nigerian Ministers and politicians are actually crazy.

Nigeria presently has no legal head or president. Mr Yar Adua, the illegally installed ruler, is lying unconscious in Saudi Arabia for the past 1 month. Those who are the custodians of the constitution are committing treasonable felony as they have subverted the contents therein to their selfish gains. Nigeria is in coma and remain headless as 2009 winds up.

So Mr Lukman has no one to account to, Jonathan can go to hell. Who cares? I mean this is a man that has been in successive failed governments, and he is one of those who have mismanaged our wealth. He came into this fake government with no new ideas, so I am not surprise that while fuel is dried up in Nigeria, he preferred a holiday in Europe. Another white Christmas for another useless Nigerian Minister.

I can’t wait for the Nigerian revolution.