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The Price of Petrol in Sweden since 2002

By Adeola Aderounmu

The price of petrol (popularly called bensin in Sweden) finally hits the USD2/ liter price. This is the costliest ever it has been in Sweden.

In 2009 the price dropped to 12,06/ kr per liter after reaching 12,54 kr/ liter the previous year.

2002 9,37 1,39
2003 9, 46 1,41
2004 10,05 1,49
2005 11,13 1,65
2006 11,55 1,72
2007 11,65 1,73
2008 12,54 1,86
2009 12,06 1,79
2010 12,97 1,93
2011 14,09 2,09
2012 14,93 2,22

[Source: Metro Sweden 16 feb 2012]

[The conversion rates could have been different in the early 2000s]


On 18th February 2012 the cost price per liter hit the 15,00kr mark making it the most expensive ever. Statoil was selling at 15,06kr/liter.

Hard Times For Nigerians in 2012

By Adeola Aderounmu

Nigerians are faced with hard times in 2012. The level and amount of suffering is to escalate beyond comprehension.
Petrol will now sell for more than N140/ liter.

This is a country where more than 100m people are impoverished, poor and in extreme penury. Mass poverty is rampant and will spread even more.

Wealth and wellness remain in the hands of the politicians and the few who have escape the menace of poverty.

On the first day of the year the useless government headed by one Mr. Jonathan announced the removal of fuel subsidy.

The cost of Transportation in Nigeria is very high and will get even higher. People will pay more to get to work and places of businesses. People who go to work 3 times a week will now probably go to work once a week or not at all.

Those who have managed 5 times a week will probably lower their attendance rate to 1-2 times.

Those who drive will become poorer because of the double cost of petrol. In short things will never be the same.

As soon as the cost of transportation increases, the cost of food will follow, hunger will spread.

In a country without social security and widespread unemployment, the consequences are unimaginable.

In addition the cost of goods and services will follow the same pattern and everybody will pay more for everything.

People will suffer more than ever before.

There may be a pressure of foreign based Nigerians to increase their allocations of money transferred to Nigeria. Families and friends will seek more help than ever before.

Mr. Jonathan and his vice president will not be affected. They have budgeted over N2 million per day for their food. In 2012, they get free fuel and over N1b for food only. The rest of Nigerians can go to hell! There is no greater act of wickedness. These men removed subsidy at the same time that they approved food subsidies for themselves. Nigerians will be foolish to live with this unacceptable madness. Jonathan should be kicked out of power asap.

Another group of people that will not be affected are the politicians in general. Nigerian politicians are the highest paid in the world and they rank among the most corrupt at the same time. There is no real attempt to stop or fight corruption in Nigeria.

The people are suffering and they will continue to suffer. People die from preventable and avoidable reasons as the politicians fattened up daily. Nigerians are amusing…how can they allow this to continue?

I have never seen a people so resilient and tolerant of madness. I will never see another like them-the Nigerians.

This is 2012, the challenges are diverse. From defending their regions to protesting against policies that enrich the corrupt and enslave the general populace, Nigerians are bracing up for violence and the hardest of time ever under the most useless presidency ever.

Riliwan Lukman-Another useless Minister

By Adeola Aderounmu

Riliwan Lukman is Nigeria’s Minister for Petroleum Resources. Nigeria has a persistent problem with Petroleum products despite the fact that we are one the largest producers of crude oil in the world.

I don’t remember the last yuletide or Christmas in Nigeria without Fuel Crises.

Riliwan Lukman has been in and out of government for decades and it was a big shock that Yar Adua appointed him as Petroleum Resources Minister in his illegal government. That the useless Senate even ratified his appointment points to the stupidity in governance in Nigeria. Empty skulls all!

Nigerians are suffering under a persistent fuel crisis even this Christmas/ New year. But you know what? Riliwan Lukman is on vacation in Austria.

Goodluck Jonathan wanted to have him in a meeting. According to the Nigerian Guardian Newspaper, Jonathan had at the meeting of the Federal Executive Council (FEC) on Wednesday directed Lukman along with two ministers of State, Mr. Odein Ajumogobia (Petroleum) and Mr. Remi Babalola (Finance), to suspend their Christmas and New Year vacations to enable them all stay within Abuja and find a solution to the fuel crisis in the country.

Mr. Lukman jetted out. The thing is the man is expired and he is not the solution to the problem even if he attend 1 thousand meetings. It is just surprising that he confirmed my fears that many Nigerian Ministers and politicians are actually crazy.

Nigeria presently has no legal head or president. Mr Yar Adua, the illegally installed ruler, is lying unconscious in Saudi Arabia for the past 1 month. Those who are the custodians of the constitution are committing treasonable felony as they have subverted the contents therein to their selfish gains. Nigeria is in coma and remain headless as 2009 winds up.

So Mr Lukman has no one to account to, Jonathan can go to hell. Who cares? I mean this is a man that has been in successive failed governments, and he is one of those who have mismanaged our wealth. He came into this fake government with no new ideas, so I am not surprise that while fuel is dried up in Nigeria, he preferred a holiday in Europe. Another white Christmas for another useless Nigerian Minister.

I can’t wait for the Nigerian revolution.

Why is the cost of gas soaring?

Adeola Aderounmu

Slowly and steadily the price of gas has increased and surprisingly it is no longer part of the BIG news. I really don’t know why the price of gas has increased to a record high in Sweden. Gas is now sold for over 12 swedish crowns (12:37) the last time I checked.

Few years ago there was a lot of concern when the prices were hitting 11+ and now that it is even worse there is almost no news about it. It seems that some people are now succeeding in raking more profits for their government or petrochemical industries. Who knows, it could be one way to save the climate. But I doubt the latter since the cost of gas has never been shown to decrease its consumption.

On the contrary people cut down on other expenses and spend the same amount of money or even more on gas when the prices are high. I surely do hope to find the answer to this nagging question in the nearest days: why is the cost of gas on the rise? I hesitated 2 weeks ago before filling the tank of my car. I actually thought the price will fall during the week but I was wrong. So I was compelled to buy gas on a monday.

Still it would be nice to know the origin of this money sucker. Is it due to something happening in the ever turbulent Middle East? What role has the deadly Nigerian Delta got to do in this persistent development? Is it OPEC? Is it some gaseous organisation turning in more profit to salvage the global economic meltdown. As consumers we surely deserved to be carried along.

Fuel Scarcity: A recurring madness

by Adeola Aderounmu

Nigeria is one of the world’s largest producers of crude oil. There are no petrol to use in Nigeria. Nigerians are suffering due to lack of petrol and petroleum products. In my opinion, this is probably the BIGGEST SCANDAL in the History of Man.

Think about it this way. Petrol and petroleum products are never scarce in countries that don’t produce crude oil. The worse that can happen in this non-producing countries is increase in price. I have never experienced scarcity in Sweden. The prices do go up and down according to market forces.

But in Nigeria, a country where crude oil exist naturally, the products from crude oil can be scarce or completely absent.

Nigeria has no functional refinery to produce petrol, so the indigenes largely depend on marketers who import finished petroleum products. In my entire life I don’t think I will experience any lower level of intelligence from any race of humans.

That a country that extracts crude oil imports petroleum prooducts is the most stupid thing that any one can think of. This confirms that Nigerian leaders are dumbs. They are stupid, selfish and wicked!

No sensible government has made it a priority to return the refineries to optimal production level. Turn Around Maintenance have been done on papers and no plausible results have emerged.

Because the country depend on importation, billions of dollars are lost and the economy suffers. The other implictation is that the importation has made some individuals extremely rich. They are so rich they can punish the other 140m others by their acts and decisions.

Every year, the government increase the price of petroleum products. Every year, it talks about subsidy removal, subsidy this, subsidy that.

The truth is some individuals continue to steal, loot,drain and siphon the national treasury. The outcome is that ordinary Nigerians suffer during oil boom and during oil doom.

Why are the refineries now working? When will Nigeria address the issue of making the refineries work and building more refineries so that she can stop importing what she extracts from her own soil? When will the greediness, madness and stupidity in government be halted? When will the gangsters stop fooling around and enriching themselves at the detriment of the 140m others?

No one is even talking about the other natural resources in this country. Agricultural products for export have been relegated to the background. Another reason why the economy is non-vibrant and the naira continues to suffer depreciation. Serious problems if you ask me.

Above all when will Nigerians rise up and demand good governance? We are already sending our children into internal slavery like our great grandparents who were sent to international slavery.

We need help and deliverance. From where cometh our help..Thy Glory O’ Nigeria..!

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