The Price of Petrol in Sweden since 2002

By Adeola Aderounmu

The price of petrol (popularly called bensin in Sweden) finally hits the USD2/ liter price. This is the costliest ever it has been in Sweden.

In 2009 the price dropped to 12,06/ kr per liter after reaching 12,54 kr/ liter the previous year.

2002 9,37 1,39
2003 9, 46 1,41
2004 10,05 1,49
2005 11,13 1,65
2006 11,55 1,72
2007 11,65 1,73
2008 12,54 1,86
2009 12,06 1,79
2010 12,97 1,93
2011 14,09 2,09
2012 14,93 2,22

[Source: Metro Sweden 16 feb 2012]

[The conversion rates could have been different in the early 2000s]


On 18th February 2012 the cost price per liter hit the 15,00kr mark making it the most expensive ever. Statoil was selling at 15,06kr/liter.

One thought on “The Price of Petrol in Sweden since 2002

  1. It is amazing that fuel could be made this cheap in a place where people are already enjoying the best social support programmes! Yet they keep telling our gullible leaders that we who don’t have any these social support programmes should pay more for we have, petrol.

    We also are entitled to some support programmes. All this money they claim they would save by removing fuel subsidies, where is it? What do they spend it on? Badluck is not the first to remove subsidies . Each time they remove subsidies, Nigerians step lower into poverty. The oil is from our ground. Let us all enjoy it while it lasts!


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