Adeola Aderounmu

This morning I decided to restore my HP laptop back to factory settings. It’s been 13 months after I bought it and I felt that it was running slower than usual.

I thought of buying a new one, that is another computer. There are quite loads of options to choose from. The feeling of owning something new can also be very warm.

But anyway the re-installation is complete and I did a lot of updating with the browser and other settings.

I’m getting the feeling close to that of having bought a new laptop and I also felt like I just saved a few bucks. I don’t know how long this feeling will last because I love buying new things.

Even my HTC Desire HD has been with me for one year and it is almost unbelievable. Only my IPhone 3GS has lasted longer, 2 years now.

This post of course is not related to anything “Thy Glory O’Nigeria..!” I think the name of my blog will remain the same while I expand the horizon. I have already been told by some readers that I have ideas about everything.

I want to write about more things. General stuffs and stuffs about Sweden. I have tried to write about many things on anonymous blogs but now I want to change that scope.

The greatest problem is the time to write about all these things but hopefully this blog will remain alive.
So why not pick up your laptop, look for the advance factory settings and do a re-installation of your system. Remember to do a backup before you start.

There are online backups and there are possibilities to do backups on external drives.

One way to also extend the life span of your laptop is to use external drives for saving your files and documents. This way you continue to have a lot of free RAM which makes your system runs faster or normal.


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