By Adeola Aderounmu

Photo of Tedai Biti,

(Photo Source: AFP/File/Gianluigi Guercia, Yahoo News)

Tendai Biti is the man facing the death penalty if he is found guilty of subversion and vote-rigging charges.

MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai quit Zimbabwe’s blood-stained run-off presidential election against Robert Mugabe, saying the vote cannot be free and fair.

Mugabe is blaming everybody except himself for the troubles in Zimbabwe.

I hope he will not kill this young man. If he does, that will be pure madness and then the question would be: what does Mugabe deserve for killing a Zimbabwean dream?

Everybody must stop this looking and talking. Mugabe MUST NOT KILL TEDAI BITI.

When that mad man from Nigeria called Gen. Abacha killed our environmentalist and human right activist, Ken Saro Wiwa, it was because nobody did anything.

Saro Wiwa’s life was terminated as if he was an insect! Just like that!

Zimbabweans should rise up and prevent this (one) evil from taking place. They must say something and follow up with actions to save this young man from the claws of a demon.

Credits: Yahoo News, Wikipedia.

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