The Killing of Osamuyia: The Irresponsible Nigerian Government.

By Adeola Aderounmu.


Osamuyia, the young man killed by the Spanish Police in 2007

Yesterday, I reminded the world that the useless government of Spain is keeping the corpse of a Nigerian Killed over one year ago by the Spanish Police.

Today I am telling the world that that is possible because the Nigerian government is also useless. Imagine if the Nigerian Police have killed a Spanish man in 2007, would the body of the dead man still be in Nigeria in 2008? I don’t think so. I also imagine that Spain would have taken the case to the United Nations or to the EU. Spain would have done everything possible to paint Nigeria blacker

This is the ridiculous level of governance in Nigeria. I don’t care attitude! The people who have shown that they care about Osamuyia have done so at an hypocritical level. Some miscreants even travelled to Spain on fact finding information/Investigation. Is this the result of their mission? To allow the corpse of the dead Osamuyia to rot away in a Spanish morgue?

I am still at a lose how these types of things are still happening in this age and time of human civilization. Is there one responsible person in the Nigerian Foreign Ministry who can take this issue up with the Spanish Government? Please let him or her take this burden up and her the family of Osamuyia.

They want to bury their son at home in Africa; it has been more than one year since he was slain in Spain.