Those Nigerian Tropical Gangsters Again?

Adeola Aderounmu.

Babangida, Buhari and Abdulsalami are obviously sick men. Abacha is one of these mad men but he died to the abundant joy of millions of Nigerians.

These men are among the people who brought shame and dishonour to our dear country Nigeria. It is still very amazing how we have been fooling around in this country. As a matter of fact, we are still dancing around in circles since the independence in 1960.

Why are these mad men still seen dancing naked in public places? It is very difficult to blame these shameless men who continue to parade themselves around like nonentities.

The fact is that no one has been bold enough to tell them their real names to their faces. Babangida is a thief. Buhari is a thief and Abdulsalami is a thief. The most untold truth in Nigeria is that all our politicians and autocratic leaders are thieves. The difference and the battle among them is how much they are capable of stealing yet escaping the Nigerian short arm of the law.

In 2008, 21st century jet age and globalize world, some idiots who stole, looted and ripped Nigeria to pieces will open their dirty stinking mouths that Abacha did not steal! Nonsense! These people are mad. If we follow the sharia law that they are supposed to be practicing, they should all be amputated and thereafter stone to death in open places.

Since the rule of law has died a natural and sudden death in Nigeria, people who stole and merry with our commonwealth can have the audacity to return into our lives anytime they like and tell us what they think in their korofo skull.

If there is rule of law in Nigeria, where does Babangida thinks that his correspondence address would be since 1993? Where does Buhari, Abdulsalami and the other thieves think that they would have been receiving visitors? Please o, I am tired of this rubbish. Let these men just shut up and continue to enjoy their loots until they rot away. Every living thing must rot anyway. Vanity of men!

Enough of these insults to our collective intelligence. In their idleness and madness if they have nothing to do, they should just sleep or take a trip to a place of solitude where no one can hear or record the insanity emanating from their fractured cerebrals.

Abacha did not steal from Nigeria? Ok, it is my mother who stole billions and stashed them away in several banks at home and abroad. What a way to go? Even madam Abacha had the guts to appear in public places. What is she parading? Shame? Insanity? Both?

This country remains in square one all the time. Few are enjoying and millions are suffering. The calamities of this nation continue despite all the attempts by the present illegal leadership and past dictators to paint it otherwise.

No regime or leadership in Nigeria should be taken seriously at all. Any leader that wants to be taken seriously must be ready to do the unthinkable and lay his or her life for the prosperity of Nigeria. History of corruption had been written and re-written time and time over again. Almost no tangible positivity has emerged on the war on corruption.

If people like Babangida continue to live as freemen and as a matter of fact if he dies a freeman, the coffin of Nigeria would have been laid forever. It will be cited in our annals as a reference for the ability to loot, steal, kill and walk free. He should face the consequences of his misdeeds before anything else

If Nigeria must make progress, the biggest giant step will be to round up these thieves and murderers in and out of power and send them to where they belong. That will immediately awaken all the present and current looters to know that governance means service and not looting and killing.

There is nothing that has not been said about Nigeria but there is a lot that has not been done to set the records straight. One of our biggest deficiencies is the mentality that governance is a means to acquire wealth and make money. The lack of prosecution or the use of selective prosecution has made many sacred but mad cows to roam our biosphere and parade their ineptitudes.

What a pity that we can still be fed with these types of jargons by the men who catalysed and accelerated the destruction of our great country. It is very annoying. It is inexplicable and it shows that this country is in bondage. It is absolutely within the fangs of some tropical gangsters whose folds continue to multiply and manifest in various forms. This country Nigeria needs Deliverance