Quote of the Day

“We saw one long queue, which we mistook for a polling station, only to find the people were queuing for bread,” he said, adding that the ingredients for a free and fair election were missing.

By Marwick Khumalo, head of the Pan-African parliamentary observer mission to Zimbabwe.

Source: BBC

The Government of Spain: Please Release Osamuyia’s Body to his family!

By Adeola Aderounmu.


Photo of Osamuyia.

Osamuyia was killed in Spain on June 9 2007 by the Spanish Police. I have written about this several times and for the next few days I am going to remain focussed on this issue. He was killed by the Spanish Police while being forcefully deported on a notorious Iberia Flight.

Killed in Flight

Notorious Iberia Flight

Today is June 27 and the purpose of today’s blog is to Condemn the Spanish Government for not releasing the body of late Osamuyia one year after its agent murdered him.

The family is is distress and they want to be able to bury their son at home in Nigeria.


Osamuyia's family in Nigeria


Chester, Osamuyia's brother
Chester, brother of the slained Osamuyia

What is wrong with the government of Spain? Does that country have a sane leadership? You cannot keep a dead body for this long and be normal, can you? The families and friends of this young man whom you murdered are waiting, they have been waiting for more than one year, to be able to bury Osamuyia.

It is time you let Osamuyia go home afterall your dirty mission was to deport him dead or alive. So what are you still waiting for?

It is time to let him rest. The Government of Spain must release the body of Osamuyia NOW.

Photos/Images courtesy of Ahaoma Kanu and The Nigeria Village Square.