Nigerian Becomes Part-Owners Of U.S Law Firm

    From Laolu Akande, New York (Culled from the Nigerian Guardian 14th June 2008).

ONE of the oldest and the most prestigious law firms in the United States, Hughes Hubbard & Reed has recently named a young Nigerian-trained lawyer a part-owner and partner in what is considered a significant elevation in US and Nigeria legal history.

Beatrice Hamza-Bassey, a 1994 graduate of law from the University of Maiduguri became the first African and second black person to be named a partner at Hughes Hubbard, a top-notch US law firm with offices across the world. The law firm’s history dates back to 1888 and was founded by a former US Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and later presidential candidate Hughes Hubbard.

Besides, Hamza-Bassey, 36, is also the chairperson of the firm’s Diversity Task Force aimed at encouraging the employment of lawyers from diverse backgrounds to work at Hughes Hubbard, a US law firm which has more than 340 experienced practitioners and work in over 30 specialized practices. They range from mergers and acquisitions, public offerings, corporate reorganization, real estate and cross-border transactions to securities litigation, arbitration, product liability, antitrust, intellectual property, labor, employee benefits and tax, as well as niche practices such as art law.

The attainment of partnership in US law firms is both considered onerous and takes longer while, but Hamza-Bassey did it in just about a decade having joined the law firm in 1998 when she graduated from Harvard Law School with a master of law, LLM.

According to her, “I wasn’t sure my goal was to make a partner when I came in. But my goals changed over time as the years evolved working with so many wonderful lawyers. I started thinking this is where I want to stay.”

5 thoughts on “Nigerian Becomes Part-Owners Of U.S Law Firm

  1. I salute her courage, she has attained a great height, her parents, friends and country would be proud of her. I also commend the law firm for their magnamity in elevating a Nigerian to such position.


  2. kudos to Beatrice Hamza-Bassey. Her commitment to success and hardwork has paid off in many ways and especially in terms of her new achievement. this giant stride has definitely set the stage for other lawyers like us to reach out for greater things.


  3. I consider Beatrice Hamza-Bassey as an Amazon. It only proves one thing- that there are great talents in Nigeria or with Nigerian blood flowing in their veins-. I wish you well Beatrice and may God continue to oil your horn until you become another Obama for Nigerians.Keep the green flag flying girl! Cheers.


  4. This is not a suprise to me. By her clinching all the prices for Legal Drafting and Conveyancing in the 1994 call set, I knew the sky would be her limit. I wish her all the best.


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